Sponsored Post: Arby’s Grand Turkey Club Sandwich

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Now doesn’t that picture make you hungry?! Does it make you want to reach out and take a bite? It looks like a sandwich I want to order when I know I will have 30 minutes on my own without Little Chef interruptions. It is a sandwich I want to slowly savor and enjoy without rushing to be somewhere or to stop in the middle to clean up a spill. It is a sandwich worthy of “me” time.

I love the Arby’s commercial that show the guy going through the drive through asking about the freshly sliced meat who then discovers they do not freshly cut their meat. He then proceeds to give them a meat slicer through the drive thru window.

Arby’s has reason to talk freshness again. They have a new Grand Turkey Club Sandwich that is made with freshly sliced, hot roast turkey. I love it when food is made fresh for me, especially fast food. It is one of those little things that makes me feel special. If freshly sliced roast turkey doesn’t get you, wait until you hear what else is in the sandwich; Melted Swiss Cheese, pepper bacon (isn’t everything better with bacon!), leaf lettuce, tomato and mayo all served on a Harvest Wheat bun. Wow! Doesn’t it sound good?!!!

I like turkey at all times of the year, not just Thanksgiving, but sometimes I like more then one type of meat on my sandwich. For a limited time some Arby’s locations are offering a Grand Turkey Ham Club. All those great ingredients in the Grand Turkey Club with the addition of ham.

Next time you are out and need a quick meal on the go (or when you need a moment to yourself without distractions) head on over to Arby’s and order either the Arby’s Grand Turkey Club Sandwich or the Arby’s Grand Turkey Ham Club. You know they use freshly sliced meats. Find an Arby’s now!

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