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Do you live out on the West Bench like we do?  Well, this is a GREAT park for you to go to.  It is located in Copperton Utah which is a small town close to the Copperton Mine.  The Copperton Park has 9.93 acres for your kids to run around on and enjoy.


Where is it located?

8791 West Park Street, Copperton Township

How much does it cost?


Is food allowed?

Yes! This is a public park.  There is a Pavilion available to be reserved.  Whenever we go, which is during the day, it is open.  The Pavilion does have electricity which is a great bonus if  you need to plug something in to stay warm.


Are strollers allowed?

Yes!  There is a lot of grass to walk on, which isn’t great with strollers, but there is a path that you can take your strollers on.

How close are the bathrooms?

Bathrooms are located just down from the playground and pavilion.  There is running water which is great if you are spending lots of time at the park.

Is there a picnic area?

Yes! There is one pavilion that you can reserve.  There are multiple picnic benches placed throughout the park under the wonderful trees which provide a lot of shade throughout the entire park.

Are there shaded areas?

There is GREAT shade throughout the entire park.  There are a few trees, by the playground, that provide great shade.  The rest of the park is covered in trees.  Don’t forget the Pavilion that is located right by the playground.

What should I expect?

The parking lot is across the street from the actual park.  The playground is located on the south end of the park.  Bring a basketball or tennis rackets so you are able to enjoy the courts that are available.  The kids can spend hours on this playground when they use their imagination.  There are extra large tires they can climb on and inside of.  They is a great area for you little children.  The ground of the playground has wood chips which isn’t bad unless you aren’t in tennis shoes and socks.  If you don’t want to play on the playground, enjoy all the grass in the rest of the park.  The things you can do are endless.  There is lighting in the park, and there are 4 horseshoe pits that are mostly dirt.


Any safety concerns?

There is a very fast slide in the middle of the park that can get pretty hot if it is a hot day.  Also, the area it is on is tall and slippery.  If you have younger kids, be very careful with them on top.

Overall opinion?

If you don’t mind the drive you need to check the Copperton Park out.  We enjoy going to this park because of the variety of things available for kids.  I recently took neighbors of mine, and they loved how their younger kids had a separate play area that was safe.




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