Flirty Aprons Flash Sale!!!


Here at Five Little Chefs we LOVE Flirty Aprons.
www.FlirtyAprons.comFor the next three days, Flirty Aprons has 6 aprons available at 40% off. 
The sale includes: Marilyn Sugar n’ Spice; Original Pink Chocolate; Original Blue Chocolate; Original Cocoa Lime; Original Sassy Red and Original Frosted Cupcake. 
These are some of their best sellers of all time. 
Visit the Flirty Aprons to see what is still available. These will sell out FAST!
CODE: flash40

Christmas is right around the corner. Check one person off that list and buy an apron at a discounted price!

Remember: The coupon code is only valid now until Friday at midnight Mountain time. 

The coupon will NOT be valid on Saturday. 
There is a limited supply for each style. When they are out they are out!


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