Eat Smart Bok Choy

This time of the year when the weather starts warming up I begin thinking about summer. One way to get ready for summer is to focus again on good nutrition. To celebrate National Nutrition month my family is consuming Eat Smart’s Gourmet Vegetable seven unique salad kits. All look amazing and taste very different…I know because I have tried them! We have been experiencing some different tastes because of the superfoods included in these kits but we have discovered new is also good!

Tilapia with Ginger Bok Choy - a super quick and easy dinner recipe that takes minutes to prepare.

I love that the kits have everything ready to go. They are conveniently packaged. It is easy to pop open a bag, add the toppings included and then enjoy. My kids love this job because they can make the salad themselves! It is a quick nutritious side dish to round out the meal for my family. It takes minutes to provide yet another nutritious component to the meal. Most nights I am short on time so this helps me out a lot!

At first sight I noticed the Ginger Bok Choy Gourmet Vegetable Salad Kit. I knew right away I wanted to make a fish meal with it wrapped in foil.

Tilapia with Ginger Bok Choy - a super quick and easy dinner recipe that takes minutes to prepare.

Since my kids love to cook with me I decided to make a kid friendly meal using the Eat Smart Gourmet Vegetable Salad Kit as a quick option. Click the next button to see the super easy recipe.


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    Susan Moncrieff March 11, 2016 (7:52 am)

    I LOVE these salads. They just make meal planning so easy. And you are right, they are healthy. You were so creative with the tilapia! It looks so good. Yum!

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    Patti Estep March 11, 2016 (12:39 pm)

    Wow, thanks for sharing these. I definitely want to look for them in the market. We love bok choy and ginger too.

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    Melissa March 11, 2016 (2:08 pm)

    Oh my goodness. What a delicious dinner. I am always looking for another healthy fish recipe. What a smart idea to use the salad kit and a great way to get some more healthy ingredients into the kids!

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