Restaurant Review: Cafe Bella Rue

  Cafe Bella Rue has a great first impression. They are located west of Salt Lake City, Utah in Daybreak. Daybreak has a shopping center, SoDa Row, and Cafe Bella Rue is right there in the heart of it all. Within a minute after walking into a restaurant you can tell by the atmosphere what you should expect. Being greeted by a couple employees (one who told me a little about the menu and in fact apologized for part of the special menu white board being a little rubbed off by some small patrons) and seeing a clean restaurant I could tell Cafe Bella Rue is very concerned about the details.

Going out to eat with four Little Chefs is a battle. The casual atmosphere was exemplified by couches one side of the table and chairs on the other. The kids were able to move around better on the couches while eating. I’m sure my Little Chefs are not the only ones who cannot sit still for a meal at home or out. The Olympics were on the television so they watched while waiting not long for their food. I was impressed at how the employees interacted with my Little Chefs. They were kind and patient which isn’t always easy.

Pepperoni pizza was for the Little Chefs! They loved it as well as mom and dad! I was able to quickly snap one picture of the sweet potato fries before all fingers were in there at once! The fry sauce has a special ingredient that gives it a unique taste. You will have to try it and see if you can figure it out!

Tuscan Turkey

I ordered two different flat bread sandwiches for the adults to share. Don’t worry we didn’t share the same half, we each ate one half of each!  After devouring both types we chose different favorites! Those are Little Chef A’s fingers sampling. She thought no one saw her! She just had to try everything along with Mom and Dad!

The drinks! Little Chef D is sampling MY Orange Twister! I couldn’t believe it. She knows I do NOT share! But then she gave me her little grin as if she was saying ‘I know you don’t share, but I just HAD to taste!’ Little Chef A sampled Dad’s Italian Soda filled with a lot of ice. Both were delicious!  I learned about their Steamers which I will be coming back in the winter to try!

After dinner it was gelato time! They were so excited about all the flavors when they first walked into the restaurant they actually had a few samples before dinner! The good thing was they knew exactly what they each wanted to order! Even Little Chef H had to get in on the tasting even though she did not order her own.

Cafe Bella Rue has a prime location. Just outside their huge glass windows is a little fountain kids can run through and a play structure. (We went home soaked!) On weekends they have live music right there on the grass. You can grab a bite to eat, a drink, or just gelato and enjoy the music on the lawn.
I had the great opportunity to meet Robert Avery, the owner of Cafe Bella Rue. He impressed me with his knowledge of every detail of the restaurant. He was a fountain of information! I was soaking up all he was sharing. I could tell he cares a great deal about the success of his restaurant because he looks at the details. When discussing different menu items over and over the recurring theme was the ingredients are high quality. He wants everything to taste great not just good. He even talked about traveling to taste test the gelato! His standards are high, he knows what goes on everyday. I can tell he is a proactive owner.
We had a great evening at Cafe Bella Rue. The food and drinks were delicious! The atmosphere was casual and relaxing (as it could be with little ones). I didn’t get any awful looks about rowdy kids from anyone. The employees seemed to enjoy interacting with my Little Chefs. This is a restaurant I would come back to…with or without Little Chefs! There seems to be something on the menu for everyone so check it out. You are sure to find at least one item that will keep you going back!
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