Taco Soup

Five Little Chefs – Taco Soup


Taco Soup is a favorite of Little Chef A. It is so easy to make, or basically put together. Most of the ingredients are from a can which makes it an easy pantry meal, or last minute meal.

We LOVE the Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners.  It makes clean up so quick and easy. Little Chef A is able to put the liner in herself and spray it with nonstick spray.

With her newly aquired knife skills she washed and cut the celery and the carrots into bite sized pieces.


Little Chef C wanted to help open up the cans; corn, tomatoes, refried beans. The first part cutting through is so hard. After I get it going for her she is able to do the rest.

Everything is dumped into the crock pot, super easy! Any Little Chef can dump ingredients.

A beef boullion is unwrapped and added. Be careful watch your Little Chefs with this one. Sometimes they want to eat it! Yuck!

The last thing to add is cooked ground beef. Little Chefs love to stir this around as it is cooking.

That’s it! Let it cook in the slow cooker or put it on the stove top for 30 minutes to warm it up if you are short on time. The eating part is also fun for the Little Chefs. They are able to add topping. We like to add crushed tortilla chips, cheese or sour cream. This last time we added fresh tomatoes because we had them and it was so good! We will do that again, especially in the summer time when we have fresh, out of the garden tomatoes!



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