Nectarine Cream Cheese Burritos

School has started for us and with two Little Chefs gone all day Little Chef D is desperate to do something fun just with Mom especially when Little Chef H is taking a nap. We made Chocolate Nectarine Burritos for an afternoon snack. When Little Chef D saw more nectarines available to eat she wanted to make something else. Food for her is easiest to eat when it is rolled up so we came up with Nectarine Cream Cheese Burritos.
It is easy for any Little Chef to spread some cream cheese on a tortilla. I’m not saying they will do it perfectly, but it doesn’t have to be. Little Chefs are proud of their accomplishments and spreading cream cheese is quite an accomplishment for the smallest Little Chefs.

Now it is time to finely dice the nectarine. You can cut it for your Little Chef if they are not able to safely handle a knife. We have had success with the Vidalia Chopper. Place the finely diced nectarine on top of the tortilla, not too close to the edges.

Roll the tortilla up burrito style. Fold two opposite sides in toward the middle about an inch. (This is so the food doesn’t fall out the ends.) Starting at one side (the sides NOT folded in) begin to roll until it forms a burrito. Cut it in half and enjoy!

Nectarine Cream Cheese Burritos
Five Little Chefs

1/2 finely diced nectarine (or any fruit of your choice, chunky jams also work well)
1 flour tortilla
2 Tablespoons cream cheese

1. Spread cream cheese on a flour tortilla.
2. Add fruit on top of the cream cheese.
3. Roll up burrito by folding two sides in toward the middle and rolling adjacent side all the way until the crease is on the bottom.


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