Santa’s Favorite Malted Hot Chocolate

Five Little Chefs – Santa’s Favorite Malted Hot Chocolate

Since we are on a hot chocolate kick right now we are trying another one, Santa’s Favorite Malted Hot Chocolate.   The Little Chefs were so confused why it had Santa in the name, but I explained perhaps someone makes it every Christmas Eve.  That seemed to satisfy them for the moment. Mom can make a pretty convincing case!
We had all the ingredients in our pantry. Why would we have malted milk powder? Someone told me if you add a little to your pancake recipe they will then taste more like restaurant pancakes. I seem to forget to add it in when we make them early in the morning, but I had the ingredient!


Little Chef A poured the milk while Little Chef C helped by putting her finger on the 4 cup line and saying, “Almost there, almost there.” When Little Chef A stopped to check where she was at Little Chef C said, “nope not yet, more, more” until she reached the line.

The sugar, malted milk, cocoa and water were all measured out using the same knife leveling method. They are getting pretty good at it, even with a steak knife!

The sugar was poured into the saucepan first. I was trying to coax each chef to pour their ingredient in faster instead of taking their time because the burner was already on. This did give me the opportunity to explain if they didn’t get the water in quickly and begin to stir the sugar will burn and they will need to start all over.


Finally the ingredients were in the pan and the Little Chefs began stirring until smooth.

Little Chef C said, “It smells like chocolate to me.”
Little Chef A simply said, “Fudge.”
Little Chef D said, “Hot chocolate.”
Followed by Little Chef A again simply saying, “Fudge.”
Can you guess who wanted the last word!

When the Little Chefs thought it was smooth Little Chef A added the milk. They loved how the milk changed the color of the hot chocolate. Little Chef C said, “It looks cool.” Little Chef A said, “It looks like chocolate milk.” Little Chef D said, “It needs marshmellows.”

A little more stirring until it was warm enough to drink. I asked why it wasn’t warm already. Little Chef A said “because the milk was cold and it needs to get warm.”

Finally it was done and they were more then ready to taste it!

Comments by Little Chef C;

  • “I like having a spoon do you know why? Because I can push the marshmellows in then pull them out and they are chocolately.”
  • “All thes
    e other marshmellows are for me to eat.”
  • “Its less chocolately [then the other chocolate milk] but I still taste chocolate.”

Comments by Little Chef A;

  • “It is less chocolatey.”
  • “Next time add 3 chocolate chips so it is a little chocolatey but not really chocolately. Maybe we can use the mint kind. What if we made up our own kind hot mint chocolate.”

Comments by Little Chef D;

  • She isn’t normally very vocal, but she did like to cover the top with marshmallows and then eat them one by one with a spoon.
  • When the other Little Chefs were done she wanted to be done too to go play. She asked to be done I started to say yes, but then looked and said, “you haven’t even tasted it.” She takes a spoonful of hot chocolate and puts it in her mouth as she is getting off the stool then says, “Yes I did.”

For my review, this hot chocolate is creamy. I like it. The little Chefs were successful in measuring. They are improving in their leveling skills. They were very vocal in what changes they wanted to make or add to like marshmallows. We had a great time!

Santa’s Favorite Malted Hot Chocolate Recipe
adapted from the Hershey’s Hot Chocolate recipe on the box
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/3 cup water
1/3 cup malted milk powder
4 cups milk
1. In a saucepan over medium heat stir together the sugar, cocoa, water and malted milk powder until smooth. Slowly stir in the milk and stir until the mixture is smooth and creamy. Allow to cool slightly before pouring in a mug and serving.


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