Day 6 post-op, Monday

I was giving Haley a horsey ride like I remember my Grandpa doing. “This is the way the lady rides….. all through the town.” She was ok with the lady but when we got to the gentlemen she said her head hurt so we stopped. She did a somersault today and decided that was a very bad idea! She would have done it even if I told her not to just to see for herself. I can only hope she learned her lesson and will not try that again for a long time.

Haley played with play dough today, went down the slide once, climbed the rock wall on the playset, went on the swing, kicked a soccer ball with both feet, danced, colored and played with trains.

She is a fairly happy girl until it is about time for her medicine. I can always tell we are almost there by her behavior, not by the clock. She will be easily frustrated, will hide under a table, behind a couch, under a pillow (because you can’t see her if her face is hidden under the pillow!) and tell you “don’t look at me!” After the medicine kicks in she is pleasant again. When she is feeling her worst she always asks to watch Rapunzel. She doesn’t get through it all, which is fine by me, before she is off playing again.

Today she was all about breakfast and Rice Krispies. She kept asking for breakfast, so she had 4 small bowls of cereal today. At least she ate something. She is still feeding herself a few bites then she gives up and wants help.

Her vision seems about the same. While she was playing on the tablet I said can you cover one eye and do it. She couldn’t find the tiny buttons to change to the paintbrush, but after she had the right tool she was able to color with her seemingly dominant eye covered.

Haley told me today, “My ear has an owie right here.” She was pointing to where the last stitch was tied off with a knot. Luckily for the most part she leaves her stitches alone.  I have only seen her touch the beginning and the end which both have knots. She must understand it is a sensitive area right now that needs to heal without touching.

I forget that technically she does (we hope did) have cancer even though it wasn’t presented to us as cancer but as a tumor. I think we have not really had time to digest all that has happened in the past few weeks. And yet she is happy…for the most part, but don’t forget she is 2!


I am a mom to Five Little Chefs who love to cook and create anything with their hands. Watching over 10 additional hands keeps me busy but is so much fun! We laugh and cry everyday, but then want to do it again the next day. That is how we know we are enjoying life!

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    Traci October 1, 2013 (8:46 am)

    I’ve been following your story since the tumor happened and I am so glad that she is doing so well. She is an amazing little girl, and you have an amazing family! It’s been so neat to hear that she is doing well and how your family has rallied around her. Hope that everything continues to go well.

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