Colors – Free Ipad Apps for Active Learning

We have been working on colors in some fun ways incorporating active learning. Ipads are a great way to learn colors. There are many free ipad apps available. These are 4 we have found enjoyable. We all learn in different ways. Technology is a great way to learn with more senses.

free ipad apps colors


Colors N Shapes – I love the progression in this game. It shows you what you need to find as well as verbally giving directions. The first level has 3 of the same shape but different colors. You need to choose the correct color. If you get it wrong the one you chose disappears with music so you are left with 2 options. The directions are repeated until you get it correct. You are given the option to repeat the level or go on. In the second level all the shapes are the same color and you need to choose the right shape. The third level has a potential of three different shapes and colors. You need to find the right color and shape. As you progress more colors and shapes are introduced. There are 12 levels.


 Speak Colors – This game is designed to help your child put a color name to an object. There are two boxes. The first is a color the second is an object. You may change the color box to blue for example. The second box will show a ball, or you may use the arrows to choose another object that is blue. You then click on the first box and it will say “blue” then click on the second box and it will say “ball.” You may change a setting to a different sentence structure. The free sentence is The ball is blue. (More are available with the full version.) The and is are written out and the ball and blue are in the boxes that may be changed.


Kids Learn Colors – This game has two modes; single and multiple color mode. In single mode the screen is one color. When you press and hold the screen a child with the color word written is shown and the word is said. You are seeing the word and hearing the word while seeing the color. In the multiple color mode you are given 3 objects all different colors. You will hear which color and object you need to tap such as “tap the red heart”.  If you get it wrong you will hear “try again” and that answer disappears. When you answer correctly a short animation appears.


Fun with Colors – The audio is not the best quality but we do enjoy the game. First you are quickly shown the color word written in that color, then you are quickly shown an object in that color, then you will be asked to find that object out of 4. It goes like this- green, green ball, Can you find the green ball? (showing 4 balls all of different colors) When you get the answer wrong you hear “try again” or something similar. When you get it correct you will hear “way to go” or something similar. After 3 tries you will get to choose an object to move to your chalkboard- like a sticker reward.

If there are any other free ipad apps for colors that your kids play and love please let me know. New apps are always being released.


I am a mom to Five Little Chefs who love to cook and create anything with their hands. Watching over 10 additional hands keeps me busy but is so much fun! We laugh and cry everyday, but then want to do it again the next day. That is how we know we are enjoying life!

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