The Very Fairy Princess Follows Her Heart


When I was pregnant with our daughter, I had a friend give me the book The Very Fairy Princess Follows Her Heart.  Right away I was caught up in the illustrations by Christine Davenier.  When I got home that night I had to read this book.  It is a longer story which would be great for the older ages.  My daughter, who is now 1, will not sit through the entire reading of this book.  Along with the length, the language is a little harder to understand for the younger ages.  Gerry, “The Very Fairy Princess” needs to make Valentine’s Day cards for her class.  After she makes them, she borrows her dads folder so they won’t get ruined.  The next morning she gets dressed in all her heart clothes and rushes to school.  When she is there she finds out she grabbed her dad’s work folder instead of the folder with her Valentines in them.  Is she going to figure out what to do?  Or, will her Valentine’s Day be ruined?

I think we can all relate to the story, The Very Fairy Princess Follows Her Heart, in one way.  Is there ever a time that you, or your kids, are ready for something at school, church, sports, etc only to find out they don’t have everything they need?  What is their reaction?  What is your reaction?  Did they cry?  Did they throw a fit?  Why not teach them the importance of following Gerry, “The Very Fairy Princess”.  Teach them that it’s ok and they can still make it the best day.

A fun activity I did with my son was to act out different situations.  Come up with situations that may happen to your family, or the kids in your class.  For example, we came up with a day he wasn’t ready for spell and tell at school.  This is where they bring an item from home to show, and they need to write the name of it on a paper.  He is 4 years old and didn’t quite understand this activity.  So, it was a great time to sit down with him and talk about how he can be creative and use his imagination throughout the day.

We enjoy creating art work using Melty Beads.  We decided it was a great time to get them out and see if we could make a heart.  It took trial and error to come up with the shape, and the pattern we needed to make a heart.  But, we did it!!  If you look at the picture, and follow our pattern, you shouldn’t have as hard of a time as we did.  Why not take the hearts you made and give them to a neighbor, family member, or friend that needs a smile?  Attach it to a present, heart cookies, or put a magnet on it to give to Grandparents.

Have you heard of a “Heart Attack” craft/service idea?  This is where you cut out different sizes of hearts, write on them what you enjoy about the person, and then tape them to their door.  We will be doing this for Father’s Day.  Get your kids involved!!  Have them write something for each family member, and then tape it to their bedroom door, or to a mirror in the bathroom.



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