The Night Before Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I have a great book for you to read with your kids. The Night Before Mother’s Day is such a fun book.  This is not the first The Night Before books that we have purchased for our house.  Stay tuned next month for another.

During the book, The Night Before Mother’s Day, a dad and kids get Mom out of the house so they can prepare surprises for her for Mother’s Day.  What’s great is that all of these surprises can be done by your kids.  I know this isn’t a great surprise, but why not nudge your husband along, or buy the book for your kids this week!!!  Better yet, share this post with your husband in an email.  He should get the hint.

Another fun book for your kids to read is What NOT to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day.  This was a new book for us, but it is such a cute and fun book.  Your kids are sure to love this book as well.

Need some ideas Dad’s/Husband’s?!?!??  You’ve come to right place for quick crafts your kids of any age can be a part of.

Idea #1:  IMG_0521

Make her a necklace.  Grab some pipe cleaners, dry pasta, and you kids imagination.  You don’t need to use just one type of pasta.  Mix it up with a few different types that can be thread on to the pipe cleaner.

Idea #2:IMG_0520

Grab some blank paper, crayons, and your kids at the table.  Ask them to draw a picture of their mom, or of their family.  If they are old enough, have them write a little note to their mom.  Don’t forget to add their name to the picture.  If your wife is anything like me, I like to make memories of them.

Idea #3:mothers day

Make a picture using their hands.  Here my son and I made a fish using his hand.  You will need blue paper, orange and yellow paint, and “play” shirts that are ok getting paint on.  Put paint over your childs hand and then press it to the middle of the paper.  The key is…at the ball of their hand you want to make it into the shape of a nose while you paint their hand.  Hopefully that makes sense.  Otherwise they will just have a round nose and face.  Next you want to have them dip their finger tips in white paint and put them all over the paper.  With this white paint you are making the bubbles from the mouth of the fish.  Another thing you can use is the eraser end of a pencil.

To go along with the book, The Night Before Mother’s Day, write a special coupon for a “private spa session at home”.  Give your wife some time off!!!  Let her be lazy in the tub!!

Need other ideas:  why not make simple cards, or bake a cake.  For me, I don’t need anything fancy or expensive.  I just want something from my kids that lets me know they appreciate all that I do.

And, don’t forget about this previous post of a Mother’s Day (kids) Free Printable.



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