The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Chores

bookI grew up reading many of the Berenstain Bears books.  I fell in love with them as a kid and wanted to share these with my children as well.  Over the next few months I will be reviewing 1-2, each month, of the Berenstain Bears books.  I hope that your kids enjoy these books as much as mine did.  I know my son really enjoyed the book this week which is titled The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Chores.

How do you get chores completed at your house?  How do you incorporate this book into an activity at your house?

Well, if you don’t already have a chore chart set up, GET IT STARTED!!!  Get your kids in the habit of doing chores before the Summer hits and they are busy playing with friends.
For my younger children I have used a magnetic board with pictures of each chore.  How did I get this put together?  I found a picture frame (not shown) that I really liked.  I chose one that would be large enough to hold both kids chores.  Them I went to work deciding what were the priorities I had for my children.  My oldest one being almost 5, and my youngest being 1.  Then I wanted to figure out what would help them get going in the morning.  So, I came up with a few “chores” for the morning.  These include: change your clothes, brush your teeth, eat breakfast.  The other priorities, every day, are: reading, homework, pick up toys.  Every once in a while I will put up bathrooms, dishes, setting the table, laundry.  I did one for baths, but I actually haven’t used that one.  We have a great routine at night, so my kids don’t need reminders.  This has been great for my oldest.  He had been able to see what he needs to do, and slide it up to the top when he is done.

If you have older children you need to do these: Chore Chart: Lanyard Style.  Your kids need to leave them on until the entire list in complete.  A wonderful idea brought to you by Kimmi!!

Another idea from the book….you can stop taking care of things in your house and see what happens.  For me, this is NOT an option.  I go crazy when toys aren’t in the toy room, or when I have dirty dishes in the sink.  If you think you can bite your tongue and do this I would love to hear about it!!  Come back and comment on how it went.

One morning before school, my son was outside getting some fresh air, when he asks “mom, why is she outside cleaning the windows”.  I had no idea who he was talking about until I stepped outside and looked next door.  Our neighbors daughter was washing windows before church.  I had to ask my friend what she was doing.  It turns out my friend has her kids do chores in the morning before school.  They get so busy after school with homework, dinner, and other activities, that they don’t have time to get them done.  This is another option for you if you kids has very busy schedules later in the day.

How can this be applied to the classroom setting?  Why not have a “chore” can with items that need to be accomplished/cleaned/picked up in the classroom?  All you need are tongue depressors, a marker, and a clean can or jar.  Write the items down, put them in the jar, and there you have it.  I have used this jar idea for many things.  Including things to do in the Summer, and questions for kids at the dinner table.  This has endless ideas for the home and for the classroom.

I’ve had lots of friends ask each other how they get their kids to complete chores.  Well, let’s hear from you!!!  Comment below and let’s see what everyone does.  There is probably something out there that we haven’t heard about.
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