Pancakes For Supper

While at the library my son saw the cover of the book, Pancakes For Supper, and wanted to get it right away. It has a picture of a HUGE stack of pancakes. Pancakes For Supper was a fun book to read.  This is a story about a little girl who gets bumped out of her parents’ wagon.  She flies through the air and lands near a variety of wild animals.  Each one threatens to eat her, however, she offers different items of clothing to each of them.  For example, she offers her blue coat to the bear and her boots to the skunk.  Soon the animals are fighting about who looks the best, and start chasing each other around a maple tree.  She gets her clothes back, finds her parents, and they eat pancakes.  But, how many pancakes does the little girl eat?  Well, you will have to read the book to find out.


My son enjoys eating pancakes.  Almost every morning he is asking to help make pancakes.  So, for this book, it was time to make pancakes.  Not just any pancakes though.  We wanted to make them like an animal in the book.  You can cut up pancakes to make ears, nose, and mouth.  You can use slices of apples to make whiskers.  You can use a piece of orange for a mouth, like we did.  You can add whipped cream for hair/fur or even the whole face depending on how much your child enjoys whipped cream.


Do you have a busy morning and can’t throw together some pancake batter to make pancakes?  Why not grab some frozen waffles and use those.  You’d be surprised how quick and easy substituting waffles will be.

Have fun making faces with your children out of pancakes, or waffles, with this book.  Don’t have the chance to make pancakes?  Sit down at the table and draw pictures of the different animals.  It is always fun to see how creative kids are, and how artistic they are.
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