Llama Llama and the Bully Goat


We have all heard a lot about bullying and the effects it has on children and adults.  I wanted to find a book that would reinforce what bullying is, and what role we play in bullying.  That’s when I found the book Llama Llama and the Bully Goat.  I loved the illustrations in this book along with the great lesson it gives.  It is about a llama and his day at school with a bully who is a goat.  It talks about what to do when someone is bullying you or a friend, and how the teacher handles the bully in the class.  Llama Llama and the Bully Goat has great rhyming through out the book which was a great way to keep the children listening and engaged in the book.  I liked how it showed more than one time the goat was bullying other students.  It talked about what the teacher would say to the student that was being a bully, and how the situation was handled.

I have heard of many stories from friends whose kids were bullied either at school or on the bus.  This is why I found it important for me to go over this topic with my 5 year old.  I want him to understand what goes on and who he needs to talk to when it happens.  Hopefully, the adult he approaches will be mature and take care of the situation.  My neighbors daughter went to a teacher when something happened to her at school, but the teacher didn’t do anything.  So, my neighbor met with the school.

There may be questions of whether or not is it considered bullying or if it’s just kids having fun.  So, I came up with a document, Is It Bullying, to explain some different types of behavior in children that can be present.  You can use this to explain to your children, students, or as a handout.

At the end of the day/week of educating about bullying, why not have them reflect?  Have them talk about 3 ways they can be friendlier to others.  Talk about different situations.  For example, If someone doesn’t have a lunch what would you do?  If someone it sitting along what would you do?  If someone from your class is being picked on what would you do?

Why not put a flier up in your house, or classroom, like this: Make Someone Smile Today.  On the bottom you will need to add words like smile, you’re beautiful, have fun, hard worker, etc.  Cut across the bottom and up the lines.  After you do this kids should be able to pull one tab off for themselves, OR to give to someone who needs a little love.

I feel strongly about educating our own children inside the home and outside of the home.  If we are all aware of bullying, hopefully we can get it to stop!!



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