Why Five Little Chefs?

   For over a year now I have realized my Little Chefs love to help in the kitchen. They love to watch cooking shows and they are starting to develop their senses for food. I love when my oldest Little Chef walks in the door and says “I smell…..” Amazingly she is usually correct! I am frequently asked “Can I help?” Yes, I have concluded that when they help measurements are not always exact therefore the food doesn’t always turn out like the picture, the kitchen becomes a HUGE mess, funny comments are made, lessons are taught, and memories are made.
   Collectively we decided to begin an adventure in cooking. MY LITTLE CHEFS ARE TAKING OVER THE KITCHEN! They have a desire to learn and I am going to help them fulfill that desire. Isn’t that my job as a parent? To assist in their learning while helping them fulfill their dreams to the best of my ability. My Little Chefs will be choosing their own recipes from their favorite chef. They will assist in the list making. At first I thought they would help with the shopping, but it is SO HARD to go grocery shopping with lots of Little Chefs. I will most likely go while most of them are in school. They will be doing all the cooking and the baking. I will be there supervising, reading, directing, teaching, assisting or doing the most dangerous tasks depending on the level of coordination of the Little Chef because of course, safety is most important.
   I anticipate many failed recipes because of measurements not being exact, a messy kitchen, my patience being tested to the limit (I know I will want to jump in and do it faster!), Little Chefs overly excited for their turn to cook their chosen recipe, lots of fun conversation, laughs, spills…lots of wonderful memories. Let’s be honest, it will take a lot of time to complete this adventure. I have thought a lot about that, but I decided the lessons that will be taught and the memories that will be made far out weight the things that could deter me from taking on this adventure.
   I am so excited to begin this adventure! My little chefs are so excited to begin this adventure! Wish us luck!


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