Restaurant Review: Cafe Bella Rue

This past Monday we went to Mangia Mangia Monday (pizza and soda night) at Cafe Bella Rue located in Daybreak, Utah. Thin crust pizza’s are discounted and fountain drinks are $0.50! What a great deal for a family outing! We tried the Margehrita, Three Meat, and Mediterranean Pizzas. There are a lot of us, but there was not one piece left uneaten. We were especially intrigued by the Mediterranean Pizza; Roasted Red Peppers, Artichoke Hearts, Onions, Green Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Black Olives & Feta Cheese. A very different pizza then we usually order, but amazingly good!

Little Chef H approved of the pizza! She took a bite of whatever pizza was in front of her. Little Chef A loved pulling the pieces apart watching the cheese stretch.

We just had a Tea Party so when my Little Chef saw these super cute tea sets they were in love! The pot sits in the cup, when you are ready remove the pot, hold the lid and pour into the bottom cup. They wanted to take it home!

The smoothies were refreshing and tasty. Little Chef Dad loves pina colada and the Tropicolada did not disappoint. The Lemonberry was received just as well.

I wanted to the try Steamers which is basically steamed milk that is frothed with your choice of flavor and whipped cream. My Little Chefs kept taking the cute little spoon and eating a spoonful of whipped cream! Little Chef H couldn’t get enough of the milk on a spoon. She was thinking she was a big kid with her pizza and steamer all to herself…or Dad’s. He could come back frequently for a steamer!

We were introduced to Sipping Chocolate. Pure, decedent chocolatey goodness! These small cups were appealing to my Little Chefs but the contents of the cups were even more appealing. I can easily forsee a visit back to Cafe Bella Rue just for the Steamer and Sipping Chocolate, especially as the temperature drops.  They do have hot chocolate which we will have to try in the coming months.


Of course we couldn’t leave without getting some gelato! The variety of flavors and displays are so inticing my Little Chefs started choosing the moment we walked into Cafe Bella Rue! You can never leave the restaurant disappointed with a bowl of gelato in your hands or stomach!

I was lucky to go Monday because Tuesday the restaurant was closing early for a private party. How fun would that be?! A lot of times we feed the Little Chefs and get take out after they are put to bed. Little Chef Dad said I would drive here to get take out. I wasn’t sure if that was possible, but we asked and were surprised to find out it IS possible. You can order by phone or order online! You can even specify your pick up time! When you come in to pick up your order you go through the express line. How simple is that! Sounds like a great company lunch idea as well.
I have now been to Cafe Bella Rue three separate times. Each time I have been impressed by the service I have received which began with a “welcome” and ended with “have a good day”.  The employees were very patient while we were deciding and did not mind my occasional out of contr
ol child. The manager is very warm and kind to me as a customer. I had a chance to observe him correcting a technique of an employee that was not quite up to par. He was just as warm and kind. Service means a lot to me and I am happy to say I have no reason to complain. Just that alone is a lasting impression causing me to want to go back. I will have to come on another night as each weekday night has a special…Tuesdays Free Waffle Gelato cone with purchased entree, Kids eat free on Wednesdays or Thurday Festivo Family Fun Night!!! (See store or website for specific details.)

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