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Five Little Chefs – A review of Curious Chef Knives    Curious Chef is a company that has products for kids in the kitchen. I was looking for something that my Little Chefs could use without me wincing each time they cut! There were mixed reviews for these knives, but I decided to go for it anyway.
When we first received the package my Little Chefs were so excited to “have a knife of their own.” They wanted to make a recipe everyday where they had to cut something.
We have been using them for a couple months now. I have been disappointed with them since the beginning. They look and feel like fake knives. They are very light weight which makes them easy for Little Chefs to use. At least one of the knives is discolored because Little Chef C “cut” (I really mean tore) pepperoni with it.

Bread is easily cut with these knives. Besides that, we have not had much luck.  Little Chef A tried cutting pancetta. She was trying to push the knife down to somehow MAKE it cut through. She did this often, just as Little Chef C pushed down then pushed to the side to tear whatever she was cutting.

Little Chef C and D tried cutting limes. Little Chef C was allowed to change to a better knife. Little Chef D kept sawing away very determined to finish her task.

I wondered if it was just their lack of practice that was the problem so I tried using them myself. They are awful! They do not cut, even more me! Most times the Little Chefs tried cutting carrots or whatever, but when I saw it did not work I let all but Little Chef D switch to a regular knife. I found myself finding other alternatives for Little Chef D to cut with such as the Vidalia Chopper instead of using these knives.
In my opinion, if you are trying to teach a Little Chef how to cut, but not actually want them to cut anything besides bread these would be great. If you are wanting to actually teach your Little Chef how to cut actual food do NOT buy these Curious Chef knives.


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    Xander Lawson May 21, 2012 (11:50 pm)

    Better to be safe than sorry. I wouldn't mind a dull knife at all if it meant keeping my kids' fingers intact.

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