Sponsor Post: Wonderful Brands – Wonderful Snacking & GIVEAWAY


I am sure all of you are familiar with Pom Wonderful Pomegranets – well, did you know that the Wonderful Brand also offers snacking nuts?!  We are always on the hunt for something new, something different, and even something a bit healthier for the Little Chefs – and myself for snacks. In the craziness and fun of summer – going to playdates, the beach or pool, swimming lessons, soccer, camping or traveling – we need snacks that are easy to {Read More}

Sponsor Post: Summer Fit Learning & GIVEAWAY!!

Summer Fit Learning by fivelittlechefs.com - We are excited to be working with Summer Fit Learning - it is a great summer program to keep your kids mentally and physically active! #summer program #kids #education

Let the Summer Begin!! Are you still trying to put together a program for your kids to keep them learning and active during the summer? Well look no further. We have found a program that has it all – Summer Fit Learning !!  It helps prepare children mentally, physically and socially for challenges inside and outside the classroom.  Summer Fit Learning is a part of an ongoing initiative to keep kids mentally and physically while away from the classroom using an {Read More}

Casserole Night With Country Crock #CountryCrockStars


Thank you Country Crock for sponsoring this post. With my Little Chefs, life tends to get a bit crazy…..especially at dinner time. Those are the times we pull out the casserole recipe cards. Casseroles are a fast, simple, and not to expensive way to feed our family. We love that we can toss the ingredients together and cook – this allows me to help my Little Chefs with homework, reading or just to play with them and have fun while {Read More}

Sponsored Post: Werther’s Sugar Free Candy


Thank you Werther’s Original Sugar Free Candy for sponsoring this post. I think when it comes to a Sweet Tooth – my Little Chefs, and yes, I will admit myself as well – have a crazy Sweet Tooth!!  I recently have started to really pay attention to the amount of sugar My Little Chefs, and myself,  eat on a daily basis.  Maybe this came about because of our recent Dentist Appointments and also due to the fact that my sister-in-law {Read More}

Sponsored Post: California Pizza Stones Review & Giveaway


Our family started a familiar tradition of Friday night Family, Pizza & Movie night! We would typically order out pizza – because most of the time, once Friday rolls around, who wants to cook! But then we started to really enjoy making our own pizzas.  The Little Chefs LOVE to create their own pizza creations. So, Friday night became homemade pizza and movie night.  With all the pizzas we were making – I knew I needed to upgrade to a pizza {Read More}

Sponsored Post – Chinet Bakeware


No more flimsy aluminum pans will be used at my house!!  These are amazing – they are disposable baking dishes that lets you take your food from oven to table to freezer to microwave, all in a non-stick pan. So, I don’t need to worry about taking a meal or treat to a potluck or neighbor and worrying about loosing my favorite permanent pan (which seems to have happened quite a few times!).  And these pans look great, and pretty sturdy {Read More}

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Product Review: Kitchen Shears

   One of the most valuable kitchen tools we have encountered so far is kitchen shears.  I have always read about people using them to cut chicken but I have never done this. I am always searching for easier ways for my Little Chefs to accomplish basic cooking tasks. I believe if they have the right tools to help them cut, measure, stir…..then they will be more successful in their culinary endeavors. These right tools are not going to be {Read More}

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Product Review Thursday

  Today is product review day. I was having a hard time coming up with a product to review because I don’t feel we have had sufficient time to use the tools to accurately review. I have a few tools in mind, but would like another week to use them to see how they perform. Instead I thought I’d mention a few items I have found useful so far.  Measuring cups – There can never be enough! We currently have {Read More}

Product Review: LYSOL® Healthy Touch® No-Touch Hand Soap System

   The first and most important step my Little Chefs have learned is to wash their hands.  We are constantly talking about germs and why we do not want to spread them from one item to another.  In fact, we have talked about washing hands so much, especially after breaking eggs, that my Little Chefs will not eat ANYTHING with raw eggs in them. When one of the younger Little Chefs asks to lick the bowl after mixing something an {Read More}