Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito from #burrito #kidscooking #HolidayHelper

Disclosure: I was paid to produce this post but the opinions in it are my own. Do you ever shop at the grocery store thinking about what to make for breakfast for your house guests?  Frozen and refrigerated foods are great because a lot of the hard work is done. When you are up late having fun the last thing you want to do is get up super early to make something delicious. Why not get a little help from {Read More}

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Bacon and Potato Chowder

Bacon and Potato Chowder from #chowder #kidscooking #recipe

We had a little help with the post today. Let’s just say it’s almost 11 weeks after Haley’s surgery and things are still not back to normal. It is pretty difficult staying on top of everything. The Thanksgiving holiday was super busy for us which was more then Haley could handle. As a result we are currently working through a set back. She is crying a lot again which is not fun for anyone in the house! It is too {Read More}

Peanut Butter Apple Crackers (with toppings!)

Peanut Butter Apple Crackers from is a simple snack kids can customize themselves! Go on, play with your food! #peanutbutter #apple #kidscooking

The kids come home from school and want a snack right away. Does that sound familiar? Our school gets out late in the day so I do not want to give them a lot to eat or they will not eat their dinner. Of course they are hungry so a little snack to keep them content until dinner is what they need. These Peanut Butter Apple Crackers are fun because the kids can choose their toppings. What kid doesn’t like {Read More}

Tangy Spinach Chicken Salad

Tangy Spinach Chicken Salad from #salad #recipe

Do you ever have a night where you want something light and easy? Salads seem to fit that description in our house. We love this Tangy Spinach Chicken Salad because it seems to have little prep work. But then when I think about it the only reason it has little prep work is because we have done the cooking earlier in the day, or the day before. We always have frozen chicken. Once thing I have learned is to defrost {Read More}

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Walk The Plank Salmon

An easy salmon recipe to prepare with soy and ginger flavors from #salmon #kidscooking

Next Thursday is “Talk Like A Pirate Day.”  My Little Chefs and I thought it would be fun to make a piratey menu for the day and have a piratey activity. Walk the Plank Salmon is an easy recipe. I would say it is a quick recipe except for it has 30 minutes of marinade time.  If you call a recipe that can be made in 1 hour quick then this is one of those. Submerge your cedar planks in {Read More}

Cheesy Pull Apart Sourdough Bread

Cheesy Pull Apart Sourdough Bread from #kidscooking #bread

To continue on with our Pirate theme, yesterday we had Sun Roasted Broccoli and today we are sharing our Cheesy Pull Apart Sourdough Bread. I’m sure the bread the pirates had was not freshly made but that isn’t stopping us from making something delicious today. What I love about this recipe is you are not making the bread, you get to buy a round loaf of sourdough. That saves a lot of time! The cutting of the bread is a little {Read More}

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Sun Roasted Broccoli

Roasted Broccoli from #kidscooking #broccoli

Next Thursday is “Talk Like A Pirate Day.” We thought it would be fun to have a pirate menu and craft/activity to make it a fun filled pirate day. That is why we are sharing “Sun Roasted Broccoli” today. Those pirates are on the ship all day being roasted by the sun. First, wash your broccoli and then chop it into bite sized pieces. Some of ours were bite sized and some were larger, it depends on the chef and {Read More}

Orange Cream Delight

Orange Cream Delight from #smoothie #kidscooking

We love to make smoothies because they are hard to go wrong. The Little Chefs are able to make their own recipes, or they are able to alter others like this one. All the ingredients are added to the blender in any order, except the ice which always goes last. For the Orange Cream Delight Little Chef D added the yogurt. Next the peaches and banana. Then comes the milk. Little Chef D and A worked together to get out {Read More}

Raspberry Honey Butter

Raspberry Honey Butter from

Sometimes toast needs a little something extra, a little something different then honey or jam or jelly. Cinnamon sugar is a good option. It is quick and easy to make but so is Raspberry Honey Butter. Soften one stick of butter, add 3 ingredients, combine in a food processor and you are good to go! It is a great beginner recipe for your Little Chefs to practice measuring liquid ingredients. It only takes a few minutes so even those with {Read More}

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Breakfast Hash


Are you ever looking for a breakfast or brunch recipe to impress? Since next Sunday is Grandparents Day we are sharing a “Brunch with Grandparents” menu this week! While searching through a Taste of Home book I found this breakfast hash recipe that I knew would be amazing and was not let down. This is a great recipe for Little Chefs because after the prep work it is made in one skillet which means only one thing to focus on. {Read More}