Pork Carnitas


Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner. While this recipe was not designed for that purpose, because I forgot, it is good timing though that I finally found a recipe I love for pork carnitas! The best thing I love about this recipe is everything goes into the slow cooker at night and by morning it is done. I can shred the pork before the day really gets crazy. It makes dinner super fast which is necessary on some {Read More}

Kahula Pork

Kahula Pork

Spring has come and we are starting to get very involved in after school activities. Kahula Pork is a good meal option because you prepare it the night before. When we come home from the activity of the night the house smells good. The rice is started right away and dinner can be on the table in the time it takes for everyone to wash up, set the table and cut some fruits and veggies. The first step is to {Read More}

Tempura-Continuing Our Culinary Journey


Tempura was made on the same day we also made Japanese Gyoza. Tempura is something I have made for my Little Chefs however this was the first time they helped make it.  This afternoon of cooking was like musical chairs. Each time I turned around one Little Chef was off playing and another one was at my side wanting to help. First the vegetables and protein were prepared. Cut them in thin slices or “matchstick” size. We used green beans, {Read More}

Japanese Gyoza – Our staycation through food


Gyoza is a food my Little Chefs know pretty well. They love talking about places they want to go visit. When I was young we would make Gyoza every so often. I remember it taking a LONG time to make. We had many hands in the kitchen helping, but it still took forever. In our old neighborhood our next door neighbor made these as a family and then sold them to help pay for their kids activities. We would buy {Read More}

Danish Puff Chop

Danish Puff Chop

I remember eating Danish Puff Chops when I was young. My Little Chefs enjoy this meal occasionally at family dinner with Grandma and Grandpa, cousins…the whole gang! I have to admit I have never made these myself. We decided to try this but wanted to add in some of our favorite seasonings. The first part is to season your pork chops. You can use bone in or boneless. We chose to use a boneless chop this time. On a parchment {Read More}

Honey-Balsamic Lamb Chops

It’s another Giada recipe day! Little Chef A likes pork chops. She found this recipe in her cookbook she received for Christmas, Giada at Home: Family Recipes from Italy and California. We have never tried lamb chops, but  decided we could switch out the protein and it would still work.       I got out the food processor for her to use. I really should teach her how to put all the parts together so she can do it by {Read More}