How To Make A Spaceship from an Egg

Using a large plastic egg, some colored paper, popsicle sticks and glue you can make a spaceship like Meet The Robinsons, Little Einsteins, The Jetsons.

One day while perusing the craft store I discovered a large egg. I thought surely there must be something fun that I can do with this, so I bought it. They come in a few different colors, but I chose the yellow. After some brainstorming I thought what if we made a spaceship. There are many different kinds that have an egg or a dome shape that kids who watch movies are aware of such as Little Einsteins, The Jetsons {Read More}

Chore Chart: Lanyard Style

Chore Chard Lanyard from

Have you accepted our Challenge: Shed 300 in 30 days? Wednesday is day 30, the last day of our challenge. Whether you have been following our challenge or have been doing your own spring cleaning now is a great time to start a chore chart. We moved almost two years ago. I quickly realized we needed a chore chart to keep things semi clean. Why semi clean? When young kids are helping clean they are trying their best (most of {Read More}

Countdown Plaque

Whether you are counting down to a birthday, a holiday, a vacation, you can customize the Countdown Plaque from for your own countdown needs. #kidscrafts #countdownplaque

If you like counting down the days to anything and everything, then this Countdown Plaque is something you need! ¬†Whether you are counting down to a birthday, a holiday, a vacation, days until school ends or begins, days until Grandma and Grandpa come to visit, days until a movie is released….you get the idea, you can customize the Countdown Plaque for your own countdown needs. The frame is removable so you can switch out the picture or subway art. The {Read More}

Christmas Tags using the Cricut Mini

Easy christmas tag using the cricut from #christmastags #cricut #kidscrafts

There are so many ways to dress up a present. We thought it would be fun to create a couple tags using the Cricut Mini. The Cricut has so many cartridges and options but we used the basic shapes that came free with the machine. We discovered the machine is easy for kids to use. They are able to visually see where the shape will be cut by reading the grid on the screen and on the mat. For the {Read More}

Etched Ceramic Loaf Pan

Etched Ceramic Loaf Pan from #glassetching

Remember the Easy Striped Glass Vase? Today I’m sharing something similar. I found these cute mini loaf pans at a craft store. They were a solid red color. I don’t mind the red but it was a little plain. I decided to take some glass etching paint and a stencil and see if I could make it a little more interesting. I chose snowflakes because snow is not as seasonal as a christmas icon. Materials Martha Stewart Glass Etching kit {Read More}

Handprint Turkey

We have already shared a Pom Pom Turkey and a Yarn Turkey but we are having fun with different turkey crafts for kids! The kids will get a little dirty with this Handprint Turkey because of the paint but if you have a sink nearby or baby wipes the clean up will be quick. This turkey craft is great for all ages. The young ones are even able to participate this time. Materials: construction paper foam paint brush paint, a {Read More}

Yarn Turkey

Yarn Turkey is made with 3 craft items; yarn, pipe cleaner and craft foam. Add some hot glue and a black marker and you are ready to create. #turkey #kidscrafts

Last week we shared a Pom Pom Turkey. Today we are sharing a Yarn Turkey. This one only has 3 types of supplies; yarn, pipe cleaner and craft foam. This would be a fun pre-Thanksgiving activity or a Thanksgiving Day activity. Materials Brown yarn Orange pipe cleaner Yellow and orange craft foam Scissors Low temperature hot glue Black marker or pen First you need to make the body. Wrap the yarn around your fingers about 15 times. Push the pipe {Read More}

Pom Pom Turkey

A fun kids Pom Pom Turkey craft made of pom poms, pipe cleaner, craft foam, feathers and googly eyes. #turkey #kidscrafts

Do you need a craft to do on Thanksgiving day while all the food is cooking? How about this fun Pom Pom Turkey. It can also be used as a table marker to “save” their seat for later. All during dinner they will look at their Turkey and be so proud of what they have accomplished. Materials: scissors hot glue (or white glue if you prefer) craft foam – yellow and red tan pipe cleaner brown pom poms – 1 {Read More}

Easy Striped Glass Vase

Using Martha Stewart Glass Etching paint and some tape, creating a striped glass vase is easy. #MSholiday

With the holidays just around the corner decorating and gift giving ideas are in full swing. Martha Stewart Crafts has a full line of products to help. She has a multi-surface craft system which includes craft paint, glass paint, decoupage and jewelry. I used the glass etching cream to create this beautiful striped glass vase. It was simple to make and looks fantastic. It can be used not only for the next upcoming holiday’s but as a vase filled with {Read More}

Scarecrow Face

A scarecrow face craft made with a plate, colored paper and markers. You probably have those items in your home and can make it now. #scarecrow #kidscrafts

Today we are sharing a craft that can be done with what is already in your home! I love it when I don’t need to go to the store for more supplies for a simple craft with my little ones. Materials: paper plate (technically the sturdier the better, ours didn’t work as well as it could) glue scissors or paper cutter 1 piece brown construction paper 1 piece yellow construction paper 1 piece orange construction paper colored markers pencil I {Read More}