Lucky Clover: St Patricks Day Crafts

lucky clover sq

I love shopping the after holiday sales. This is where I find a lot of my fun crafting supplies. This past January I went to an after christmas sale and found some green burlap ribbon. I knew I could make one or two St Patricks Day crafts of some sort. I love a white frame with a simple picture inside. I decided to create a clover out of the burlap ribbon. The tricky part is making a clover the right size when {Read More}

Kendama Classroom Valentine

classroom valentine kendama

At my kids school Kendama’s are a hit! They are constantly talking about different styles we could buy and different tricks. Some kids play with it so much some teachers have had to take away these toys during class time! We thought it would be fun to make a Kendama Classroom Valentine. Supplies: sucker chocolate kisses aluminum foil hot glue gun bakers twine triangle printable Valentine printable These are pretty simple to make. Aluminum foil is easy to wrap and mold {Read More}

Valentine Advent Calendar – Scratch Off Style

valentine calendar

Sometimes my kids need a little extra push to do something nice for their family members. We still have up our love tree and that is working well. But I have discovered sometimes they like doing nice things for the same person over and over.  My kids absolutely love advent calendars so why not create a Valentine Advent Calendar. Any way to countdown to their fun activity or holiday is very exciting. We have our countdown plaque which is fun to use {Read More}

Free Printable Tags: A Treat For Your Feet

A treat for your feet

Gifts are fun when they remind us of something else. When my Little Chefs were making their lists for Christmas one of them wanted to get mini tootsie rolls for our Little Man because he really likes them. I was quite impressed that she took the time to think about what each sibling liked. She came up with some very unique ideas. You do not need to like tootsie rolls to use these free printable tags. Materials: pair of socks cellophane bag {Read More}

DOH You Want To Be My Valentine Printable

DOH you want to be my valentine

Kids love playdough at any age. We had a party here with a lot of family members and kids ranging from college age to babies. The 4 year olds saw my playdough and wanted to play. By the end of the night it was a huge mess but everyone had fun. By everyone I don’t just mean the 4 year olds. Most of the kids and some adults sat down and played with it for a few minutes. DOH you {Read More}

Valentine’s Day Love Tree

valentines day tree

We love celebrating holidays in our home. In fact, we love celebrating holidays for weeks prior to the actual holiday. This year we have created a valentines day love tree. We create the leaves on the tree by doing nice things for each other. The first thing we did was find a wall that was empty and big. Next, we bought some brown butcher paper and made a tree trunk with a few branches. It doesn’t seem like much but it will {Read More}

Printable Valentines Day Cards – You’re The BALM!

valentines day printable cards

It seems that most holiday’s are filled with a lot of yummy food. Sometimes we get tired of the food and want something just a little different. This year I was able to get a bunch of lip balm on clearance after christmas. It seems like we go through that stuff like crazy. Either my “little man” is using it and ruining it or it is left in a pants pocket and goes through the wash! Let’s create fun printable valentines day {Read More}

Tie Dye Butterfly Shirt Embellishment


This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated by product or payment. All opinions and experiences are truthful and my own. This post contains paid links. School has been in for a month now, because we are on year round school. It seems like we are always worried about school clothes for one reason or another. With 5 kids I have plenty of shirts that look nice except for that stain on the front right where everyone can see it. I hate {Read More}

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4th of July Woven Party Placemat

How to create a 4th of July placemat for your 4th of July picnic. #4thofjulycrafts

We are excited to bring you a couple new Holiday crafts this week.  My son is out of school until he starts Kindergarten in Sepetember, so doing crafts is always a joy for us.  It is a great time to sit down with him and spend some one on one time.  Having a little sister now, he doesn’t get as much time with me as he used to. I remember doing paper weave crafts when I was younger, and thought this {Read More}

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5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

5 Father's Day Gift Ideas from #fathersday

Need some Father’s Day inspiration? We have five fun father’s day crafts to share with you. Woven Tie Father’s Day Gift – used with your favorite 2 liter and some double sided patterned paper. Best Dressed Printable – Free printable to add to your favorite 2 Liter or popcorn! Father’s Day Text Art – Use your own words then create the text art using a free online program. Father’s Day Printable – Frame it or add it to your father’s day gift. Father’s Day Gum {Read More}