Tortilla Soup

Martha Stewart Cooking School's Tortilla Soup from #cookingschool #kidscooking #soup

The next soup in the Martha Stewart’s Cooking School Cookbook is Tortilla Soup. We were super excited after reading the recipe because our stock was already made and frozen. We had extra chicken from our chicken soup so making the tortilla soup was going to be super easy! We had a little shopping to do to pick up a few extra ingredients.  The chili puree took the longest time but it was easy. This was Little Chef D’s assignment. She found it {Read More}

Chicken Soup

Following the Martha Stewart Cookbook here is the Chicken Soup Recipe from #chickensoup #kidscooking #cookingschool

We initially thought making Chicken Soup would be easy now that we have the stock. Well…perhaps it would be, but in following the directions in the Martha Stewart’s Cooking School Cookbook it wasn’t that easy. We made stock again, but this time we cooked the meat in the stock. So, we did two things at once. Maybe that made it a little better? Once the chicken was cooked, shredded and the stock was strained as explained in the cookbook we refrigerated {Read More}

How We Cut Up A Chicken

Our first attempt at cutting up a chicken by following Martha Stewart's instructions for #cookingschool. #kidscooking #chicken

In order to make Chicken Soup (come back on Friday) we needed to learn how to cut up a chicken. We went to the grocery store and bought a whole chicken. I told my Little Chefs what we were about to do and amazingly they did not have a problem with it, in fact they were excited. They are really enjoying all the new bits of information we are learning. They each took a turn cutting off one part of the {Read More}

How To Make White a.k.a. Chicken Stock

Following the Martha Stewart Cooking School Cookbook we learned to make chicken stock. #chickenstock #cookingschool #kidscooking

White (chicken) stock is the most versatile of all stocks. The process of making a stock is to put a mirepoix into a pot, cover with water and simmer for a given time. A mirpoix is a combination of vegetables that are used to give flavor to the water which transforms into a stock. Do you remember we gave a couple tips about the mirepoix when we talked about 9 Tips For Flavorful Stocks. We wanted the experience of making {Read More}

Tangy Spinach Chicken Salad

Tangy Spinach Chicken Salad from #salad #recipe

Do you ever have a night where you want something light and easy? Salads seem to fit that description in our house. We love this Tangy Spinach Chicken Salad because it seems to have little prep work. But then when I think about it the only reason it has little prep work is because we have done the cooking earlier in the day, or the day before. We always have frozen chicken. Once thing I have learned is to defrost {Read More}

Fast & Fantastic Chicken Salad

Fast and Fantastic Chicken Salad from #kidscooking

This is a family recipe that’s great to use up your left over chicken. We will purposely cook a couple extra pieces of chicken for a dinner earlier in the week so we will already have my chicken ready to make this Fast & Fantastic Chicken Salad! Or some days, if you are like us – it is 4pm and we are at the store wondering what to make for dinner, we will just pick up a cooked rotisserie chicken {Read More}

Quick Chicken Divan

Quick Chicken Divan

Quick Chicken Divan is a great recipe for leftover chicken or turkey. It started out as a fairly easy recipe that my Little Chefs would easily eat. Once they started helping me out in the kitchen I realized we need to simplify some of the steps to make it even easier for them to succeed. We changed it from a layered casserole which never stayed layered. Before serving we would stir it all up anyway to make sure all the {Read More}

Grilling on the BBQ in the Winter…..Sure Why Not!


We thought we would mix things up a bit and make a dish that is usually prepared for summer barbeques in the WINTER! And yes, we broke out the BBQ Grill in the winter, with snow on the ground! My Little Chefs thought it was so much fun. We came across this delicious Chicken recipe when a good neighbor of mine brought us dinner one night. Our Chef Dad was out-of-town for work, and she knew that when he is {Read More}