Cheesy Pull Apart Sourdough Bread

Cheesy Pull Apart Sourdough Bread from #kidscooking #bread

To continue on with our Pirate theme, yesterday we had Sun Roasted Broccoli and today we are sharing our Cheesy Pull Apart Sourdough Bread. I'm sure the bread the pirates had was not freshly made but that isn't stopping us from making something delicious today. What I love about this recipe is you are not making the bread, you get to buy a round loaf of sourdough. That saves a lot of time! The cutting of the bread is a little tricky, your Little Chefs might need some assistance. When cutting do NOT cut all the way through the bread. Leave about 1/2 inch on the bottom of the bread uncut. You do not want the bread to fall apart yet. First you cut in one direction 1 inch slices from one end … [Read more...]

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Soft Pretzels

Soft Pretzels from #recipe

Spending time at the mall is not what I consider to be an enjoyable time with 5 Little Chefs in tow. Trying to keep everyone together and happy while going from store to store has never been fun for me. So if you said, "Let's go to the mall" I would most likely pass....even if I really needed to get something. The most enjoyable part of the mall is smelling the soft pretzels. I have always loved that smell and the bite on the outside of the pretzel and the soft inside. I love the salt with a brush of butter after cooking. Yum! We decided to cook something fun one night and chose these. To bake anything technical we always seem to turn to Alton Brown and this time was no different. I had … [Read more...]

Bite Sized Cinnamon Rolls

Bite Sized Cinnamon Rolls from A quick 30 minute recipe.

Cinnamon Rolls are so good, but they can be time consuming to make. Today we are sharing a very easy recipe Little Chefs can make with minimal supervision. Some of you have been asking about the Caramel Cinnamon Roll recipe that is featured on our Chinet Giveaway. (If you haven't entered go now before it closes!) Jenny will post that recipe on Monday so come back and check it out. Anything bite sized is cute to look at, but also very easy for Little Chefs to eat. I find myself making a lot of things bite sized, in the preparation phase of cooking because if I don't my dinner gets cold as I am cutting everything into bite sized pieces for my little ones. Little Chef H was the first one to … [Read more...]

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Strawberry Muffins


We are HUGE strawberry fans! When they start showing up in the grocery store we get so excited. We purchased a big package, but after a couple days they seemed to be not as firm. Strawberry Muffins is a great recipe to use up those softer strawberries you are still wanting to consume. This recipe is easy for Little Chefs. The first step is to cut the strawberries into small pieces. The softness of the strawberries makes it easy for even Little Chef D to cut successfully. Strawberries are one of her favorite things to cut. She is always first to volunteer! Combine the strawberries with 1/2 cup sugar. The sugar will cause the strawberries to magically make a syrup. Leave the bowl alone for … [Read more...]

Crostini Alla Romana

Crostini Alla Romana from #crostini #pasta #sage

   Little Chef A absolutely loves Giada De Laurentiis! Whenever we are watching the Food Network and Giada comes on the excitement level goes through the roof! I quickly hear, "Ooooh I love Giada, she is my favorite!"  What surprises me is the conviction and true passion she has for this show and cooking. It would not come as a surprise to hear that Little Chef A's recipes will all come from her favorite chef, Giada. The first recipe that was chosen was Crostini Alla Romana. We saw this on an episode and Little Chef A said "We have to make that!"     The first step is to gather all the ingredients.     The second step is the prep work. She started with the bread. The package was opened … [Read more...]

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