Orange Cream Delight

Orange Cream Delight from #smoothie #kidscooking

We love to make smoothies because they are hard to go wrong. The Little Chefs are able to make their own recipes, or they are able to alter others like this one. All the ingredients are added to the blender in any order, except the ice which always goes last. For the Orange Cream Delight Little Chef D added the yogurt. Next the peaches and banana. Then comes the milk. Little Chef D and A worked together to get out {Read More}

Cinnaberry Peach Delight

Cinnaberry Peach Delight

We hope you are enjoying your summer. It has been so hot here we are drinking whatever we can find! Little Chef A has been asking for a long time to make up her own recipe. Well….she has done it! I let her create her very own smoothie recipe. This is her very first of many, I’m sure! How did this come about?? Well, I let her know what ingredients we had available and let her decide how much of {Read More}

Fresh Strawberry Lemonade

Fresh Strawberry Lemonade

We have been having hot 100 degree days lately. When our days are this hot we are constantly drinking anything and everything to stay hydrated. Sometimes we go for a “special drink” or make our own when my Little Chefs work hard weeding or score a goal in the soccer game. Fresh Strawberry Lemonade is a three ingredient recipe quick to whip up when you need something special. I love the use of fresh strawberries, especially from the garden. I {Read More}

Fuzzy Navel Smoothie

  Smoothies are easy for kids to make at any age. Usually they are dump and blend recipes. This Fuzzy Navel Smoothie is no different. The Little Chefs each took a turn to dump in the ingredients. No measuring was required. A little more or a little less of something is just fine.   After it was all blended together it was time to enjoy! This recipe made a lot! We just barely finished it all. Little Chef H loved {Read More}

Yummy Wake-Up Smoothie

   Last weekend Little Chef A was with a group of girls her age. They decided to make smoothies together. She was super excited because they did not follow a recipe. They made up their own!  This is why smoothies are the easiest thing kids can make. We did follow a recipe, Yummy Wake-Up Smoothie. What an interesting name we thought!   After the ingredients were measured out it was time to dump it all in.   I taught my {Read More}

Santa’s Favorite Malted Hot Chocolate

    Since we are on a hot chocolate kick right now we are trying another one, Santa’s Favorite Malted Hot Chocolate.   The Little Chefs were so confused why it had Santa in the name, but I explained perhaps someone makes it every Christmas Eve.  That seemed to satisfy them for the moment. Mom can make a pretty convincing case!  We had all the ingredients in our pantry. Why would we have malted milk powder? Someone told me if you {Read More}

Recipe Redo: Delicious Hot Chocolate

  In my attempt to help my Little Chefs learn from their mistakes in life, we frequently discuss what could have been said or done next time to obtain a better outcome. This has spilled over into our cooking. I do mean “our” because when I cook a meal its usually Little Chef A that will say, “probably if you did ….. next time it would be better.” She says this matter of factly without me even asking for opinions!  {Read More}

Raspberry-Orange Smoothie

  This week for our new drink my Little Chefs tried Raspberry-Orange Smoothie found on the food network site. This was super simple. Everything was dumped into the blender and the button pushed.  The ingredients are almost all described in the title, raspberries, orange juice, plain yogurt and of course ice.  The recipe was doubled because there are a lot of us!     After the ingredients were measured out Little Chef D dumped them all into the blender. Yes the {Read More}

Delicious Hot Chocolate

    Its cold here and wet, well semi-cold this winter.  Little Chef A wanted to help make some Delicious Hot Chocolate.   When she found out she had to cut the orange she wanted to try out her knew knife which is made especially for kids. I first explained she did not need to cut the orange in half, just the rind which is the outside orange part. She said “Why don’t I just peel the orange?” I explained {Read More}

Orange Banana Smoothie

  My Little Chefs LOVE bananas and juice. We seem to have both around quite frequently. I have been known to buy a lot of bananas, eat some, and freeze some for later. When I came across this recipe I thought it would be perfect for us! I know this recipe calls for everything fresh. In fact all the recipes we have been making call for everything fresh. In our world (home) we have so much going on fresh everything {Read More}