Panda Face Food Art

Panda Face Snack

My Little Chefs have always loved playing with their food. When they go through periods of not wanting lunch we change it up to make it seem different. We might use a lunch tray instead of a plate, deconstruct their sandwich, put things on a stick, anything out of the ordinary. We do the same for afternoon snacks when everyone gets home because it is fun, they are always hungry at that time. I thought it would be fun to make {Read More}

Easy Appetizer Skewers


It seems when we grill my Little Chefs are starving! I don’t think it is because it takes longer to cook on a grill but because we are starting to cook later then usual. If we are past our regular dinner time my Little Chefs get a little unpleasant. Instead of making them wait why not make appetizer skewers that can be eaten while everything else is still cooking. The key is to only make enough to for the kids to be {Read More}

Orange Fruit Dip

Orange Fruit Dip by - a super easy and delicious fruit dip perfect for summer bbq's and picnics #recipes #appetizers #orange #fruit #dip

Summer is here, which means many BBQ’s, family reunions and picnics. In needing a side dish for a family picnic, we decided to make up one of the Little Chefs favorite fruit dips. Our Orange Fruit Dip is so delicious and perfect for picnics on  the hot summer days. It is very refreshing, and you can make it up to 2 days ahead of time – which is great when some summer days are all play and no work (including {Read More}

Mandarin Orange Jello with Lemon Pudding


This family recipe comes from my mom! Growning up Mandarin Orange Jello with Lemon Pudding was a frequent side dish for our holiday and birthday dinners. Still to this day, I request my mom to make it for family dinner on my birthday. This recipe has now become one of my Little Chefs favorites. Along with the colored eggs and baskets filled with candy, Easter also means a Honey Baked Ham for dinner.  As we thought about what to go {Read More}

Crostini Alla Romana

Crostini Alla Romana from #crostini #pasta #sage

   Little Chef A absolutely loves Giada De Laurentiis! Whenever we are watching the Food Network and Giada comes on the excitement level goes through the roof! I quickly hear, “Ooooh I love Giada, she is my favorite!”  What surprises me is the conviction and true passion she has for this show and cooking. It would not come as a surprise to hear that Little Chef A’s recipes will all come from her favorite chef, Giada. The first recipe that {Read More}

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