A Culinary Adventure + Giveaway with Raw Spice Bar

I’m really excited to be working with Raw Spice Bar today. I love learning about new -to me- companies and products. My family was able to go on a culinary adventure around the world without leaving our home. How great is that! We frequently talk about where we want to travel to whether it is in the US or abroad. We were able to discover Persia through new tastes and new smells in our home. We didn’t need to pack and we didn’t need to spend a lot of money.

raw spice bar

Raw Spice Bar is a company that focuses on high quality spices. They want to take you on a culinary journey each month to discover new tastes and smells. Just this year they have helped their customers discover Navajo, Punjabi, Persian and Japanese foods.


Each month with your subscription you will receive a fun packet which includes a small information card about where you are traveling, recipes and of course the 3 corresponding spice blends clearly packaged and labeled. These spices are toasted whole and are freshly ground just days before receiving them.


We experienced a lot of firsts on our culinary adventure. We traveled to Persia, a place we have never been. The first thing my kids realized was that our home smelled entirely different. At first some of my little chefs asked, “what is that smell?” But when I explained we were having a Persian meal tonight they didn’t mind the different smell, they became excited to try it. We used new ingredients such as lamb, fava beans and rosewater. It wasn’t very easy finding these in the store but the same goes with any non-American ingredient.

These recipes took planning for everything to finish at the same time. The lamb took 3 hours, the rice over an hour and the cucumbers 15 minutes. There were a couple of typos in the recipe. I had a question so I went to their website and found their live customer service. I clicked on the window when almost immediately someone asked if they could help me. I typed in my question and again I got an almost immediate answer. Great customer service!

I wish they had a video of each recipe just because I am a visual person and I like cooking shows! I didn’t feel confident enough with the recipe myself to turn it over to my little chefs like I usually do. Perhaps after watching a video I would have let them do more of the cooking.

raw spice bar

We had mixed reviews with all the dishes. I’m ok with that because this was more about the culinary adventure then catering to my families tastes. I loved how as a family we experienced something new in a comfortable environment. These are the types of meals my kids will be remembering and talking about for a long time. Yes I would go on another culinary adventure with Raw Spice Bar. We might discover we love the tastes and smells of a place we never would have thought to visit in our dreams.

raw spice bar giveaway

Raw Spice Bar is so awesome they are giving away a 3 month subscription to their spice of the month club! That means you will be able to have your own culinary adventure experiencing new smells and tastes to 3 different places. Each recipe is scaled for 8 people so you could have one cultural party for the next 3 months with your friends or family. All you need to do is follow the directions on the rafflecopter below to enter. Good luck everyone!

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I am a mom to Five Little Chefs who love to cook and create anything with their hands. Watching over 10 additional hands keeps me busy but is so much fun! We laugh and cry everyday, but then want to do it again the next day. That is how we know we are enjoying life!

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    latanya t April 13, 2015 (1:23 pm)

    Pozole Spices:

  • comment-avatar
    AnnaZed April 14, 2015 (1:35 am)

    I like that they include kitchen-tested recipe cards, plus additional recipes online for unfamiliar spices.
    {in the contest I am Margot Core on the Rafflecopter}

  • comment-avatar
    Lisa April 14, 2015 (12:16 pm)

    I love how these are delivered in small batches so you’re not stuck with a massive amount of something.

  • comment-avatar
    Jasmine Henderson April 14, 2015 (5:42 pm)

    I like that they send enough spices to create three meals for eight to twelve people!

  • comment-avatar
    Barrie Mac April 14, 2015 (7:13 pm)

    I love how with new spices to try, recipes are included each month. So not only does one try a new spice, but a new recipe!

  • comment-avatar
    Stacia April 15, 2015 (9:01 am)

    I love the idea of getting recipe suggestions!

  • comment-avatar
    Annamarie V April 15, 2015 (10:01 am)

    I like that they are fresh and have not been sitting around on a shelf for months. When we remodeled our kitchen my Husband built me a spice drawer so I love to buy loose spices and what I like about raw spice bar is they send recipes with the spices.

  • comment-avatar
    chris z April 15, 2015 (11:08 am)

    i like that recipes are included

  • comment-avatar
    Sylvana April 15, 2015 (10:20 pm)

    I like that recipe cards are included with the spices. that makes things so much easier!

  • comment-avatar
    Val April 17, 2015 (1:36 pm)

    Always looking for new inspiration and adventure in cooking. Looks fun!

  • comment-avatar
    Rhonda April 17, 2015 (3:52 pm)

    I love the recipe cards! I still use a system like this and this will encourage me to try out these spices!

  • comment-avatar
    Kate April 18, 2015 (9:59 am)

    Just got my first month of this, love the recipes!

  • comment-avatar
    Heart of a Philanthropist Blogger Kim April 19, 2015 (3:16 am)

    We use to order froim a spice company and had to order large quantities. It is nice I can order small quantities from this company so they don’t go bad.

  • comment-avatar
    Veronica G April 19, 2015 (7:40 pm)

    I really like that they’re from one region. It’s difficult to buy 3 full spice jars for one or two recipes.

  • comment-avatar
    Darlene Sullins April 20, 2015 (3:38 pm)

    The recipes included is really nice for when you get a spice you are unfamiliar with!

  • comment-avatar
    magdalena viktoria April 21, 2015 (12:07 pm)

    I’ve been cooking a lot more lately and these would be great to use!

  • comment-avatar
    chrisjd1116 April 22, 2015 (12:23 am)

    I like the size of the spice containers.

  • comment-avatar
    Starla B April 22, 2015 (4:40 pm)

    This is such a cool concept! I love that along with these spices, I love that they offer 3 kitchen-tested recipe cards, plus additional recipes online!

  • comment-avatar
    Jesse S April 23, 2015 (11:26 am)

    Very nice, I like how the top chefs prepare spice blends. I was just reading about Emeril’s Essence blend and would love to give that a shot.

  • comment-avatar
    Amy M April 24, 2015 (8:15 am)

    This is such a cool idea! Like a trip on the spice trail every month!

  • comment-avatar
    Jessica Rose April 24, 2015 (9:06 am)

    I really like that it includes the origin & history of spice blends!

  • comment-avatar
    Rachel April 24, 2015 (8:19 pm)

    I really like that they include unique recipes on the spice package.

  • comment-avatar
    Stephanie Shipley April 26, 2015 (9:23 am)

    I love that recipes are included because otherwise I would have no clue what to do with the spices!

  • comment-avatar
    Kathryn Mcneal April 26, 2015 (3:39 pm)

    I like that it comes in small batches so if I don’t like a particular one I don’t have an overload of it.

  • comment-avatar
    Jennifer Herman April 26, 2015 (9:58 pm)

    I would like to try the ZA’ATAR

  • comment-avatar
    Sandra Watts April 27, 2015 (12:59 am)

    I like how affordable it is. I also love getting goodies in the mail.

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