Pizza Rolls

Five Little Chefs – Pizza Rolls

Once a week we have movie night. Frequently pizza goes along with it. Tonight we decided to make Stuffed Pizza Rolls from Our Best Bites. Everyone wanted to help. I made the pizza dough earlier in the day. Little Chef A used her new rolling pin to roll it out into a rectangle. The rolling pin worked amazingly well.  She completed this task very easily and quickly.


The pepperoni needed to be cut. The Little Chefs were so excited to use their new knives all together. Unfortunately, they didn’t work very well. I’m actually really disappointed in these knives. They are made for kids, but we haven’t found anything yet they cut through. The Little Chefs were basically tearing the pepperoni apart. I even tried it and found it very difficult.

Little Chef D wouldn’t let us forget the olives. We thought it would be easier and faster to cut them in the Vidalia chopper. It was very quick and easy!

The Little Chefs were in no hurry to top each square with cheese, pepperoni and olives.

Finally they were all topped.

  Each Little Chef had their own technique of folding, pinching or rolling.

In the end, the filling made it inside each one some how and in some form.

The tops were brushed with butter. Little Chef A suggested we put all the extra toppings that were a mess all over the counter on top of the butter to make it look pretty. We don’t want to waste anything.

After 90 minutes (not a typo!) the pizza rolls were filled, made in to ballish shapes, cooked and ready to eat. While we were folding/filling, Little Chef C said, “They are hard to make, but easy to eat.”


I made a quick pizza sa
uce to dip the pizza rolls into. The Little Chefs couldn’t have had a better meal. They love finger foods and they love to dip. Any sauce for some reason helps them eat so much better. They were even excited to finish them off the next day. Now that’s a winner! Something they want to eat two days in a row!


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