Yummy Wake-Up Smoothie

Five Little Chefs – Yummy Wake-Up Smoothie

   Last weekend Little Chef A was with a group of girls her age. They decided to make smoothies together. She was super excited because they did not follow a recipe. They made up their own!  This is why smoothies are the easiest thing kids can make. We did follow a recipe, Yummy Wake-Up Smoothie. What an interesting name we thought!

  After the ingredients were measured out it was time to dump it all in.

  I taught my Little Chefs a secret. When measuring honey, spray the spoon or cup with nonstick cooking spray and the honey will slide right out.  They didn’t think it was as mind blowing as I did when I first learned, but they have not had the experience of scraping honey out either!

  The rest of the ingredients were dumped into the blender. Little Chef A made sure to keep her hand on the lid while blending to make sure it doesn’t pop off. I knew there was no way it would happen this time with the amount of liquid in the blender, but it is good for her to put her hand there every time as practice for that one time when she WILL need it there.

  The final result looks smooth and delicious. This is my kind of smoothie, more berries then banana.  The berry taste was the most prevalent! I did have some complaints with the amount of little seeds. Most of us ignored the seeds and liked the flavor. Maybe it had more seeds then it should have because we used up all the raspberries, which was a little more then was outlined in the recipe. I should have mentioned to Little Chef A this would constitute changing the recipe just a little. She would appreciate that!

    If the amount of fruit in the smoothie was not enough my Little Chefs had to eat a banana along side the drink. I love how Little Chef A garnished her cup with a banana!

Yummy Wake-Up Smoothie

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