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One of the things my Little Chefs love about Christmas is the lights and the decorations. We frequently take a new route home or go for a drive to see all the lights and decorations on homes. This year instead of just checking them out we decided to play Christmas Bingo! This is a great game to get everyone out of the house, yet still keep them contained and warm. You can warm up the car before everyone climbs in, or bring some extra blankets to put on your laps.

One of the things we like to find is a house with lights outlining every door and window on the house. We call this a ginger bread house.  Sometimes we see a variety of christmas signs such as “Santa stop here,” or “Joy.”  To see a huge snow globe is great, but when it moves inside the snow globe is even more amazing.

We just learned of a house not too far away that has a light show with music. We haven’t driven by yet, but we will very soon. I’m sure this house will amaze everyone!

Print this out and take it with you in the warm car as you go for a drive.

Single Page PDF

4 Bingo cards on one page

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