Easter Bunny Crafts

easter bunny crafts

Easter is almost here and I want to share these easter bunny crafts that are cute as well as functional. Easy crafts are the best, especially when you are crunched for time. This easter bunny craft can be made within 15 minutes after gathering supplies. Don't worry most of the supplies are common crafting items. My kids are loving the EOS chapsticks. I'm not sure if it is because of their very distinct shape or because all their friends seem to have at least one. They have been begging me to get them each one and I finally caved because I thought it looked like an egg. Little Chef A saw the aqua color and thought if we speckle it with black paint it would look like a robins egg. Yes … [Read more...]

7 Different Types of Easter Scavenger Hunts


One of my favorite things about Easter is hunting for eggs. When I was young I searched for plastic eggs as well as wrapped candy and jelly beans. While Easter Scavenger Hunts are not the purpose of Easter, it is a fun tradition that I have continued with my kids. I love watching my kids become excited about the hunt before and during the easter hunt. Another way I prepare my kids to have an even better holiday is through different Easter Ideas such as a printable countdown, melted crayon eggs, and mini baskets. On the years I have small children who didn't quite understand how to collect Easter eggs we would practice. By the time Easter came with the real hunt, you know the one that … [Read more...]

Recycled Denim Bracelet

recycled denim bracelet

A recycled denim bracelet is a low cost craft idea for kids. We all have jeans with holes. Perhaps you may cut them off and make them into shorts like I do, or a blanket like my mom. As an alternative how about creating a recycled denim bracelet that uses denim as the main material with a couple supplemental trimmings costing less then $2. Supplies Old pair of denim pants Prym Dritz Fray Check Sealant Fiskars Stick Rotary Cutter Omnigrid Mat With Grid 24x36 2 different trimmings Wood Flower With Multi Buttons - or a snap if you choose needle and thread Cut a one inch strip of your jeans pant leg across from one side to another. The width of the jeans I am using … [Read more...]

A Simple Hanging Bath Towel

A Simple Hanging Bath Towel

Do your towels end up on the floor and not on the hook? Mine fall down all the time no matter how creatively I put it on the hook. Today I will show you how to create your own simple hanging bath towel. In just a few minutes and some twill tape you will not have your towel fall on the floor again! Supplies: Prym Dritz Fray Check Sealant Wrights Twill Tape White Towel Sewing Machine Thread Black and White Instructions: Cut your twill tape 4" long. Use fray check on the ends so they do not fray. I use this stuff on anything that will fray. It works perfectly.  Fold your towel in half. Using a ruler mark one inch from the fold on both sides of the towel. I put one … [Read more...]

Valentine Advent Calendar – Scratch Off Style

valentine calendar

Sometimes my kids need a little extra push to do something nice for their family members. We still have up our easy crafts love tree and that is working well. But I have discovered sometimes they like doing nice things for the same person over and over.  My kids absolutely love advent calendars so why not create a Valentine Advent Calendar. Any way to countdown to their fun activity or holiday is very exciting. We have our countdown plaque which is fun to use with candy. The Valentine Advent Calendar is designed to give service to others in a scratch off style to make it interactive and mysterious. Materials: 1 piece 12x12 double sided cardstock printable valentine advent … [Read more...]

Free Printable Tags: A Treat For Your Feet

A treat for your feet

Gifts are fun when they remind us of something else. When my Little Chefs were making their lists for Christmas one of them wanted to get mini tootsie rolls for our Little Man because he really likes them. I was quite impressed that she took the time to think about what each sibling liked. She came up with some very unique ideas. You do not need to like tootsie rolls to use these free printable tags. Materials: pair of socks cellophane bag yarn/bakers twine/string free printable tags: A treat for your feet AND I like the way you roll 1 piece tissue paper tape scissors Instructions: Cut the closed end off your cellophane bag. You want both ends to be open. It … [Read more...]

DOH You Want To Be My Valentine Printable

DOH you want to be my valentine

Do you remember the super soft playdough we previously shared for Valentine's Day? We showed a picture with a tag that said Doh you want to be my Valentine. I have created a printable for you so you don't need to make your own tag. We know that kids of all ages love to play with play doh. We had a party here with a lot of family members and kids ranging from college age to babies. The 4 year olds started playing first but by the end of the night it was a huge mess even though everyone had fun. By everyone I don't just mean the 4 year olds. Most of the kids and some adults sat down and played with it for a few minutes. DOH you want to be my Valentine is a fun printable to attach to … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Love Tree

valentines day tree

We love celebrating holidays in our home. In fact, we love celebrating holidays for weeks prior to the actual holiday. This year we have created a valentines day love tree. We create the leaves on the tree by doing nice things for each other. The first thing we did was find a wall that was empty and big. Next, we bought some brown butcher paper and made a tree trunk with a few branches. It doesn't seem like much but it will in a couple weeks! The girls helped me cut out a bunch of hearts; different colors and different sizes to add variety. We put them all in this plastic pencil box. I rolled some painters tape and stuck them to the inside part of the lid so they would be ready to … [Read more...]

Printable Valentines Day Cards – You’re The BALM!

valentines day printable cards

It seems that most holiday's are filled with a lot of yummy food. Sometimes we get tired of the food and want something just a little different. This year I was able to get a bunch of lip balm on clearance after christmas. It seems like we go through that stuff like crazy. Either my "little man" is using it and ruining it or it is left in a pants pocket and goes through the wash! Let's create fun printable valentines day cards that say "You're the BALM!"   Supplies Needed: Lip balm, tube style Duct tape Ribbon Printable Valentines Day Cards I do not like sharing my chapstick with anyone so covering it with a fun design would let me and everyone know it is … [Read more...]

Writing Thank You Notes

Writing Thank You Notes

Writing thank you notes is not as common today as it has been in the past. I wanted to teach my kids to recognize and be thankful for those things they receive or for the effort others put in on their behalf. One night we sat down and had a discussion. We first talked about when we should write a thank you note. Being kids they of course said birthdays or christmas...pretty much anytime when they could receive a gift. Then we talked about other times when they didn't receive an actual gift but someone put forth effort on their behalf. Did they get a ride home from school from a friend? Did a teacher give additional help with an assignment? Did someone at school tell you about the glove … [Read more...]