How to make an easy Hummingbird Feeder for kids

How to make a hummingbird feeder from recycled objects

Hummingbirds are so fun to watch. Making your own Hummingbird Feeder is actually a lot easier then I anticipated. It can be done with recycled containers! The next time you or your kids drink anything out of a plastic bottle that has a screw on cap keep it and put it aside for this project. The next time you eat something out of a short squatty plastic container with a lid keep it and put it aside for this project. {Read More}

Easter Roundup

Easter ideas for kids from

Easter is this coming Sunday! Are you prepared?! If you need a few more last minute ideas here are a few. Melted Crayon Eggs - my favorite way to decorate eggs Stitched Easter Egg - a perfect way to teach kids how to stitch Free Easter Printable Countdown - fun activities to do each day to anticipate Easter Easter Bunny Pancakes - an easy breakfast for Easter morning Easter Egg Door Decoration - a 30 minute craft made from dollar store items Easter Egg Plantar - {Read More}

How To Make A Spaceship from an Egg

Using a large plastic egg, some colored paper, popsicle sticks and glue you can make a spaceship like Meet The Robinsons, Little Einsteins, The Jetsons.

One day while perusing the craft store I discovered a large egg. I thought surely there must be something fun that I can do with this, so I bought it. They come in a few different colors, but I chose the yellow. After some brainstorming I thought what if we made a spaceship. There are many different kinds that have an egg or a dome shape that kids who watch movies are aware of such as Little Einsteins, The Jetsons {Read More}

Chore Chart: Lanyard Style

Chore Chard Lanyard from

Have you accepted our Challenge: Shed 300 in 30 days? Wednesday is day 30, the last day of our challenge. Whether you have been following our challenge or have been doing your own spring cleaning now is a great time to start a chore chart. We moved almost two years ago. I quickly realized we needed a chore chart to keep things semi clean. Why semi clean? When young kids are helping clean they are trying their best (most of {Read More}

Easter Egg Planter

Easter Egg Planter from #easter #kidscrafts

When we made a trip to the local dollar store for supplies for our Easter Egg Door Decoration we picked up a few other supplies. You know when you have an idea so you buy a few supplies even when you are not sure if it will work out or not? That is what we did. This craft actually took about 10 minutes. We wanted to create something before school so we put this together. The girls were overly excited {Read More}

General Conference {FREE} Printable

General Conference Free Printable from #generalconference #lds

Around this time I start to wonder “How I am going to keep my Little Chefs busy or engaged or willing to watch General Conference?” What is the best method? There are so many resources out there with different options and suggestions. (We have also shared a General Conference Packet previously.) I have found the best method is different for each of my girls. Their ages and abilities make it difficult to have one rule that fits all. I have {Read More}

Mini Easter Basket

Mini Easter Basket from A fun craft for #Easter.

A couple years ago, I believe it was, I saw a post where a pop top can was opened from the bottom. It was cleaned out, refilled and a label was put on the outside for a christmas neighbor gift. I can’t remember where I saw it, but here is another example with the instructions on the can portion. With the beginning of an idea from my mom I decided to use one of these cans I still had stashed away {Read More}

Easter Egg Stitches

Stitched Easter Egg

Last year I taught my Little Chefs how to stitch on a plastic canvas to make these fun Stitched Easter Eggs. I showed them how to do each stitch and then let them loose. They created these on their own. (Actually, I did thread and rethread the yarn over and over and over again as it was pulled out of the needle.) They did ALL of the stitching. This is why this piece of art was displayed in our home {Read More}

Easter Egg Door Decoration

Easter Egg Door Decoration from #easter #kidscrafts

We are just a little excited about Easter this year! We were at our local dollar store when we saw a fun egg cut out. Then we thought it would make a fun door decoration. Supplies: All items purchased at our local Dollar Tree Cut out egg Package of felt Hot glue Glitter glue The first step is to plan out your egg pattern. The best part of this craft is changes are possible until you are happy with your design. {Read More}

Easter Linky Party

Easter Linky Party 2014

I love seeing all the new holiday posts. I thought it would be fun to create a dedicated linky party just for Easter. Anything Easter related is welcome. I will leave this party open until the beginning of May. Thanks for joining and be sure to help spread the word. An InLinkz Link-up