How to make 18 doll hangers in 15 minutes

diy doll hangers

On Monday we shared how we modified a cupboard we have had for years into a Doll Closet. Hangers are absolutely necessary for a closet. I have searched for some affordable hangers online but never liked the cost, or the cost was ok but the shipping was outrageous. I decided to make my own. I went to the dollar store and purchased three packages of children’s hangers.  I took some tin snips and cut the hangers just after the hook on both {Read More}

Why I Support The Tyler Robinson Foundation


I first found out about the Tyler Robinson Foundation a couple weeks ago while preparing for the Build Your Blog Conference. Since then it has been on my mind a lot. The TRF is about pediatric cancer. As I was talking to some representatives of TRF I shared a little about Haley’s story, they then called me a cancer mom. The funny thing is that is a title I obviously never wanted but also never connected with myself until then. I {Read More}

How to Make a Doll Closet

doll closet

My girls love their 18″ American Girl type dolls and of course their clothes and accessories. I have found with any toy if it is displayed well or easy to get into it is played with more. We have a cupboard we have used over the years for many different purposes. I thought it was about time to change its purpose yet one more time.  I wanted to make it into an Doll Closet because I wanted the doll clothes to be easily {Read More}

5 Color Apps for Android – Learning Apps for Active Learning

android color apps

I have been trying to teach my Haley her colors for almost 2 years. I started teaching her at the same age I started teaching my 3 older girls. For some reason, possibly her brain tumor, possibly not, she has not been able to learn them. I know some kids don’t learn them until Kindergarten and perhaps I should just leave her be and hope that she will get it later but that isn’t me. I’ve since learned that she does know {Read More}

St Patricks Day Ideas

st patricks day

Fun St Patricks Day Ideas Lucky Clover Frame Rainbow Fruit Parfait St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt St. Patrick’s Day Word Art St. Patrick’s Day Personal Pizza

Categories – Games on the Go


My cute Haley has some word retention issues because of her brain tumor. I’ve been reading a lot about how to help her and how to improve the damage done. One thing I can do is help her categorize her brain. When we play with animals we name a few other animals. When we eat bananas we talk about different fruits. When I was young we went swimming everyday in the summer and we would play Categories. We would wake up and {Read More}

Build Your Blog Conference Wrap Up


I had the great opportunity to go to the Build Your Blog Conference this past weekend thanks to Taste of Home. I had a plan of what I wanted to accomplish. I had questions written down for specific classes and for specific people. Thankfully I was able to get many questions answered and I was exposed to many new ideas. There are many things I learned this weekend. I thought I’d share a few to get an idea of what {Read More}

Rainbow Fruit Parfait

rainbow fruit parfait sq

One thing we love about the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day is rainbows. My kids also LOVE fruit! This Rainbow Fruit Parfait is going to be perfect for our St. Patrick’s Day dinner. We just had our Valentine’s Day Dinner and I’m sure you can guess it was a lot of work, but my kids absolutely loved it! My oldest said she wished we could do dinners like this all the time. It seemed like it was a day long affair. {Read More}

Lucky Clover: St Patricks Day Crafts

lucky clover sq

I love shopping the after holiday sales. This is where I find a lot of my fun crafting supplies. This past January I went to an after christmas sale and found some green burlap ribbon. I knew I could make one or two St Patricks Day crafts of some sort. I love a white frame with a simple picture inside. I decided to create a clover out of the burlap ribbon. The tricky part is making a clover the right size when {Read More}

In just one week…BYBC


I’m so excited that in just one week I am going to BYBC- the Build Your Blog Conference. I was not planning on going but thanks to Taste Of  Home for sponsoring me I am able to attend. Because I have been given this opportunity I am planning on learning as much as I possibly can. There are some questions I have always wanted to ask others more experienced and this is my chance. I am getting some buisness cards printed so {Read More}