Free Printable Tags: A Treat For Your Feet

A treat for your feet

Gifts are fun when they remind us of something else. When my Little Chefs were making their lists for Christmas one of them wanted to get mini tootsie rolls for our Little Man because he really likes them. I was quite impressed that she took the time to think about what each sibling liked. She came up with some very unique ideas. You do not need to like tootsie rolls to use these free printable tags. Materials: pair of socks cellophane bag {Read More}

DOH You Want To Be My Valentine Printable

DOH you want to be my valentine

Kids love playdough at any age. We had a party here with a lot of family members and kids ranging from college age to babies. The 4 year olds saw my playdough and wanted to play. By the end of the night it was a huge mess but everyone had fun. By everyone I don’t just mean the 4 year olds. Most of the kids and some adults sat down and played with it for a few minutes. DOH you {Read More}

Discovering Utah: Ice Castles

ice castles sq

I love to discover all the fun places Utah has to offer! We had an amazing opportunity to visit the Ice Castles in Midway, Utah. This year it is being built at the Soldier Hollow Resort located at 2002 Soldier Hollow Road, Midway, Utah, 84049. My Little Chefs were super excited when I told them we were going to visit. Little Chef H wasn’t so sure what I was talking about so I pulled up the Ice Castles website and showed her what {Read More}

Valentine’s Day Love Tree

valentines day tree

We love celebrating holidays in our home. In fact, we love celebrating holidays for weeks prior to the actual holiday. This year we have created a valentines day love tree. We create the leaves on the tree by doing nice things for each other. The first thing we did was find a wall that was empty and big. Next, we bought some brown butcher paper and made a tree trunk with a few branches. It doesn’t seem like much but it will {Read More}

Printable Valentines Day Cards – You’re The BALM!

valentines day printable cards

It seems that most holiday’s are filled with a lot of yummy food. Sometimes we get tired of the food and want something just a little different. This year I was able to get a bunch of lip balm on clearance after christmas. It seems like we go through that stuff like crazy. Either my “little man” is using it and ruining it or it is left in a pants pocket and goes through the wash! Let’s create fun printable valentines day {Read More}

Learning Apps for Active Learning: Numbers/Counting Android

Learning Apps

It has been about 16 months since Haley went in for brain surgery to have her tumor removed. She was 2 1/2 when we discovered she had a major problem which we later learned was cancer. She was a smart girl who was talking at 18 months. Post surgery we have realized her brain works a little differently. We have learned to patiently wait while her brain heals. That hasn’t been the easiest! She is now 4 and in preschool. You could look {Read More}

Writing Thank You Notes

Writing Thank You Notes

Writing thank you notes is not as common today as it has been in the past. I wanted to teach my kids to recognize and be thankful for those things they receive or for the effort others put in on their behalf. One night we sat down and had a discussion. We first talked about when we should write a thank you note. Being kids they of course said birthdays or christmas…pretty much anytime when they could receive a gift. Then we {Read More}

Snowman Dice Game Printable

snowman dice game printable

One of the most requested games of my two youngest girls is still our Snowman Dice Game. Whenever we get ready to play it we have to figure it out again. I cannot remember which part is for the 1 and which part is for the 3. If I get it wrong then my girls are frustrated for a minute until they decide it is ok to do it a little different this time. To help avoid that frustration and {Read More}

Chart To Declutter Your Home: Shed 300 in 30 Days

chart to declutter your home in 30 days

Last January I challenged myself to Shed 300 in 30 Days which helped me declutter my home. It was a success in my home. In fact, I was surprised how easily it was to discard 10 items from each location. I was even more surprised at how we didn’t miss the items I purged. Still, I wanted a chart to declutter my home because I am a visual person and I like tracking my accomplishments. Since last year was such a success, I {Read More}

Panda Face Food Art

Panda Face Snack

My Little Chefs have always loved playing with their food. When they go through periods of not wanting lunch we change it up to make it seem different. We might use a lunch tray instead of a plate, deconstruct their sandwich, put things on a stick, anything out of the ordinary. We do the same for afternoon snacks when everyone gets home because it is fun, they are always hungry at that time. I thought it would be fun to make {Read More}