Blueberry Orange Surprise Smoothie


We were so excited when Chef Dad came home from work one day with a gift, and not just any gift…..the Blendtec!! One of our favorite things to make with our breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and for snacks, and even for desserts are BlendTec SMOOTHIES!!! We love them! And how easy is it to give my Little Chefs a full serving of fruits and vegetables all in one yummy drink! And now with the Blendtec it seemed to me and {Read More}

Fantastic Thursday #61

Fantastic Thursday at #fantasticthursday

Welcome to Fantastic Thursday! This week we are sharing a Brunch with Grandparents. Our menu is Breakfast Hash, Raspberry Honey Butter with Toast and Orange Cream Delight. Friday we will share an activity to do with your Grandparents. Our favorite from last week’s party  is the Spicy Zucchini Cakes from Sweet Caroline’s Party. Congrats and be sure to grab a Featured button! Remember our Fantastic Thursday party is now more inclusive, not just recipes! Summer is Here!!  So, Let’s also see those fun {Read More}

Fantastic Thursday #59

Fantastic Thursday at #fantasticthursday

Welcome to Fantastic Thursday! Soccer season, back to school, Fall and Halloween decor and ideas are all over pinterest – the weather is cooling down (well, actually its still been quite hot in our neck of the woods!) – we LOVE this time of year. With school starting on Monday, and now 3 Little Chefs will be in school, I need to create a family command center to keep things organized. And between the Little Chefs school, soccer, extra activities, {Read More}

Fantastic Thursday #58

Fantastic Thursday at #fantasticthursday

Welcome to Fantastic Thursday! Back to School is here! Can you believe the summer is over I am kind of sad that my kids go back to school in a week. But, like every year, tomorrow is our End of Summer Party! The Little Chefs are so excited!! For help with your End of Summer Party – check out our End of Summer Party Printable Invitations! Our Favorites from last week’s party  is the Halloween Utensil Holder (its never too early {Read More}

Fantastic Thursday #57

Fantastic Thursday at #fantasticthursday

Welcome to Fantastic Thursday!   We love the month of August, not only is it my and Chef Dad’s anniversary – this weekend –  Happy 12 years of love, laughter, adventure, fun and smiles!! My goodness that makes me sound old!! But August is also a national Admit Your Happy Month, Family Fun Month and Peach Month, to just name a few! So, I would like to admit that I am very HAPPY, this month is full of fun with {Read More}

Fantastic Thursday #56

Fantastic Thursday at #fantasticthursday

Welcome to Fantastic Thursday! Can you all believe that August is here! It seems like we were just breaking out the swimming pools and sunscreen, and now we are in full swing of getting ready for back to school – and not to mention that certain craft stores already have Christmas stuff out!!! And now to announce the winner of the $43 Catching Fireflies Gift Certificate…. Congrats to Kelly McGrew!!! Our Favorites from last week’s party  is the Cinnamon Raisin Bagels from {Read More}

Sponsor Post: Wonderful Brands – Wonderful Snacking & GIVEAWAY


I am sure all of you are familiar with Pom Wonderful Pomegranets – well, did you know that the Wonderful Brand also offers snacking nuts?!  We are always on the hunt for something new, something different, and even something a bit healthier for the Little Chefs – and myself for snacks. In the craziness and fun of summer – going to playdates, the beach or pool, swimming lessons, soccer, camping or traveling – we need snacks that are easy to {Read More}

End of Summer Party {FREE Printable}

summerinvite copy

Last year,  as the summer came to a close, the Little Chefs wanted to end the summer with a BANG! So we had our first ever End of Summer Party. It was a great way to end the summer, a fun way to get all the Little Chefs friends together that they had not seen during the summer – and a good way to ease into the new school year!! When school started, the End of Summer Party was the {Read More}

Grilled Margarita Pizza

Grilled Margarita Pizza by Yummy grilled pizza perfecf for summer #margarita #pizza #for the grill

Funny thing – if I put a traditional pepperoni pizza and Grilled Margarita Pizza next to each other –  10 times out of 10 my Little Chefs would devour the Grilled Margarita Pizza! They love this pizza. What makes this pizza so delicious and fun for the Little Chefs – when they hear that we are having Grilled Pizza for dinner, they run outside to pick fresh Roma tomatoes and basil leaves from our garden! Oh so good. And… is {Read More}

Steak Challenge: Marinade vs Dry Rub

Steak Challenge: Marinade vs Dry Rub by - Which Steak came out on top #recipes #bbq #seasoning for #steak #marinade

Summer BBQ’s are in full swing!!! And Sunday night dinners, for most families have the traditional post roast and potatoes, not at our house – We prefer STEAK! We have seasoned and prepared our steaks all different ways, some turned out better than others. We wanted to find out for ourselves which way we prefer our stakes. That is when the Steak Challenge: Marinade vs Dry Rub began! The Little Chefs started out with 2 identical steaks – well as {Read More}