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Crostini Alla Romana

     Little Chef A absolutely loves Giada De Laurentiis! Whenever we are watching the Food Network and Giada comes on the excitement level goes through the roof! I quickly hear, "Ooooh I love Giada, she is my favorite!"  What surprises me is the conviction and true passion she has for this show and cooking. It would not come as a surprise to hear that Little Chef A's recipes will all come from her favorite chef, Giada. The first recipe that was chosen was Crostini Alla Romana. We saw ...

Why Five Little Chefs?

   For over a year now I have realized my Little Chefs love to help in the kitchen. They love to watch cooking shows and they are starting to develop their senses for food. I love when my oldest Little Chef walks in the door and says "I smell....." Amazingly she is usually correct! I am frequently asked "Can I help?" Yes, I have concluded that when they help measurements are not always exact therefore the food doesn't always turn out like the picture, the kitchen becomes a HUGE mess, funny ...