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This weeks book review is Pie in the Sky.  You haven’t heard of it you say?  Well, neither had we until we went to the library.  This story is about the growing cycle of a cherry tree throughout the year.  This book is great for your younger kids and older kids.  There is a short story part to the book, but on each page there are riddles in smaller case wording.  They are similar to “I-spy”.  At the conclusion of the book there is a full cherry pie recipe that you can make with your little chefs.  I love books that are interactive and fun to read.  The Pie in the Sky was definitely one of these books.

Not at all little chefs enjoy Cherry Pie, so we decided to make, our version, of pudding pies.  Grab your younger chefs, instant pudding mix, milk, a whisk, a bowl, and some cups to pour it into.  For ours we used chocolate and vanilla pudding mix.  To top it off I shaved some chocolate on top.  This was great for my 4 year old little chef.  He does not like pie, but wanted to making a “pie”.
Next we did a fun craft using a paper plate, cut out red circles, and strips of white paper.  Make sure you don’t forget about the glue.  In pre-K little chef K is learning to only use little dots of glue on his paper projects.  Crafts are always a great way to practice those skills they are learning in school.  We talked about how to make a pie and then let him go to work on his.  I think he did pretty well!!


You can’t read the book Pie in the Sky without making a pie.  No one in our house like Cherry Pie so I made an Apple Pie.  Little Chef K helped make the crust from scratch.  His favorite part was rolling out the crust on the countertop.  This was the first pie that I have made, and I thought it turned out pretty well.  We are unable to eat a full pie at our house so I shared with the neighbors.  I haven’t heard back if they liked it or not….Hopefully they did.

If you have any other great ideas for any of the books we have reviewed please link them on Thursdays!  We would love to see what others do with the books that we have read.

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