Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


This weeks book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  When I told Little Chef A she was very excited.  Although she hasn’t read the book, she has seen the movie multiple times and loves it.  I gave her a challenge to read the book.  I’m sure she will enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed it.

While reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we decided to make some fun chocolates of our own.  For you to do this with your Little Chefs you will need Chocolate molds, candy chocolates, a bowl, spoon, and excitement that you will make your very own candy.

First gather the items you need and start melting the chocolates according to the package.  Your little Chefs can stir the chocolates while you are melting them, and then have them spoon the chocolate into the molds.  Little Chef K loved this part.  He chose which molds he wanted to make and went to it.IMG_0231

Next you will wait for the chocolate to set.  Little Chef K was very excited so we put them in the fridge to speed up this process.  You can give them as party favors, a thank you treat, or keep them for yourself to enjoy.IMG_0235
Do you want some FREE candy tours?  I have a couple that you need to go visit.

The first is The Peppermint Place which is located in American Fork.  This is not a formal tour.  In this tour you are able to look down and watch the candy makers in action. They have very large windows that you and the kids are able to look through.  How fun is that for all the kids!  I know my Little Chef loves to learn, and watch, how things are made.  You can stay as long or as short as you would like.  This is a great FREE tour that I think everyone should do at least once.

The second FREE tour you need to try is the Taffy Town Tour.  Taffy Town is located in downtown Salt Lake.  This tour is a formal tour and only offered Monday thru Thursday at 10:30 a.m. OR 2:30 p.m.. These tours need to be scheduled 2 days in advance.   They do have some requirements for the tour which include (directly off their website):

–  for every 3 people under 18 one adult is required

– anyone under 5 is required to be held

– they will provide a hair net and it is required to stay on throughout the entire tour

– they will provide a stroller if you need one

– you have to remove all jewelry and can not take any bags, purses, phones, cameras, etc inside with you

– it is required to wear closed toe shoes

Because I have 2 kids under 5 I have not gone to this tour, but many of my neighbors have and said their kids have enjoyed this tour.  It is about an hour long tour and you end in their candy store.  This way you are able to feed you candy desires before you head back in to the car.
charlie background

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