About Us

Five Little Chefs at fivelittlechefs.comWelcome to Five Little Chefs! We are a family who resides in Utah. Near the end of 2011 I realized my girls were asking to watch the Food Network ALL the time. I would watch it a few times a week and whenever I turned it on instantly the room was filled! Soon my oldest, Little Chef A, found her favorite chef Giada de Laurentiis. Little Chef C, my second, discovered Chef Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible as her favorite. Little Chef D, my third, loves Paula Deen because of her Grandma qualities and the desserts she makes. The youngest, Little Chef H, has no verbal opinion yet. We know she likes the food if she signs “more” instead of throwing it on the floor or spitting it out! Our favorite shows have expanded and changed as the seasons, but they are very well educated with celebrity chefs.

I decided instead of only watching the shows we could begin making the recipes in our own kitchen. They LOVE helping me cook so this seemed to be the next step in their progression. By taking on this adventure in cooking I realize my patience will be tested to the max each time we cook together. I admit I will want to jump in and help when they do not measure or cut perfectly. I will need to take slow, deep breaths quite frequently!

They will choose most of the recipes which means they will be untested by us. Chances are they will be eager to make some again and not as excited about others. They will learn to shop for the different ingredients in the grocery stores. They will learn equipment, measurements and techniques. They will learn how to wash dishes. They will learn how to adapt recipes to their ability. We are all about the process of making a recipe. Whatever the result we will all have the opportunity to taste their culinary masterpiece! They will be proud, as I will be proud of each of their accomplishments!

2012 turned out to be quite an adventure! So many skills were learned and many many messes were made. When talking with my Little Chefs about our direction for 2013 the decision was to continue cooking, but to learn to alter recipes because we want to learn to make our own creations. They also decided they wanted to show some of their other creations that did not involve food. They have so many interests as a parent I want to help them explore and grow in all forms.