Space Craft

Space Craft by a fun #Space #Craft for the#Little#Chefs to celebrate #National #Space #Day.

National Space Day is coming up in the beginning of May! My Little Chefs love everything and anything to do with space. So, to celebrate – we wanted to make our own Space Ships!! What a fun space craft. We thought of a clever way to not only recycle some of our old CD’s, but to also use some of the plastic Easter eggs that were still lying around the house!


The Little Chefs LOVE these type of crafts – because there are no rules! They can use and make what ever type of Space Ship they want with the craft supplies provided. It is such a great way to get their creativity juices flowing!! So, they cut, glued, and had so much fun! They used old CD’s and Easter eggs for one type of space ship. And for the other they covered 2 paper bowls with tin foil and glued them together.

spacetinfoilbowl spacebowls spacepipecleaner spaceshiplights spaceshiptop spaceshiprockets


It is so much fun to see what my Little Chefs come up with. Little Chef K – she just had to have the pink pipe cleaners with the purple egg, of course! Little Chef E wanted to make sure he had an area his aliens could see out of the space ship to drive around. And Little Chef B wanted rocket boosters on the bottom of his ship. I love their creativity!!!!

spaceshipgirl spaceshipboy spanceshipboy2

Have a Fun Space Adventure with your new Space Ship Craft!!! If you are looking for other fun ideas, check out our Wocket in our Pocket craft idea, and our Butterfly Melted Crayon Art!


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  1. What a fun project! I like how personalized it can get…all sorts of crafty bits in the junk drawer can be used.

  2. What a great idea!! I am definitely doing this with my kids for our Space-themed week :) Thanks for the great idea!!

  3. So fun! Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!!

  4. Jackie G says:

    Super cute craft! I think my 4 year old will like this one and it fits in perfectly with our unit on the moon.

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