Fantastic Thursday #34

Fantastic Thursday Linky Party

Welcome to Fantastic Thursday! To continue with our many, many, many changes that we have had the past couple months......our linky party will now be starting Wednesday evenings at 10:00 pm (MST)!! Can you all believe tomorrow is the LAST day of February?!! Time flies when you're having fun!!!! By the way, have you checked out our giveaway which is going on right now? If not, enter here for a chance to win a CuteZcute Cutter. We will be announcing the winner at next weeks Fantastic Thursday, so be sure to check back! If you could also give us a thumbs up and vote for us to become one of the top food blogs at Voiceboks we'd appreciate it! Click here to vote. Our Favorite from last … [Read more...]

Tempura-Continuing Our Culinary Journey


Tempura was made on the same day we also made Japanese Gyoza. Tempura is something I have made for my Little Chefs however this was the first time they helped make it.  This afternoon of cooking was like musical chairs. Each time I turned around one Little Chef was off playing and another one was at my side wanting to help. First the vegetables and protein were prepared. Cut them in thin slices or "matchstick" size. We used green beans, onion, sweet potato and shrimp. The sweet potato was sliced on the mandolin but proved to be very difficult so those little hands needed some assistance. Next it was time to make the batter. The ingredients were measured out and combined lightly … [Read more...]

Dr Seuss Craft – “There’s a Wocket in my Pocket”

Wocket in my Pocket is a fun doctor seuss book to inspire you to make your own dr seuss characters

Dr Seuss Day is this Saturday! My Little Chefs LOVE Dr Seuss books. We celebrate each year with fun crafts, treats, and read our favorite books. One of our favorite books is There's a Wocket in My Pocket! And who doesn't just love this book of ridiculous rhymes! Strange creatures with even stranger names, living on ordinary pieces of furniture and areas around a little boy's home.  After reading this book, my Little Chefs decided they wanted to create their very own strange creature! They wanted to give them a strange name, and find a strange area in our home for them to "live" -  just like the rhymes in Dr Seuss.          The Little Chefs rummaged the craft room for items to make … [Read more...]

Japanese Gyoza – Our staycation through food


Gyoza is a food my Little Chefs know pretty well. They love talking about places they want to go visit. When I was young we would make Gyoza every so often. I remember it taking a LONG time to make. We had many hands in the kitchen helping, but it still took forever. In our old neighborhood our next door neighbor made these as a family and then sold them to help pay for their kids activities. We would buy some which they made and froze so that we could have them whenever we wanted. That is when my Little Chefs first discovered Gyoza. My Little Chefs got together at Grandma and Grandpa's house to try making these just like I did. The question was could Little Chefs make these with assistance? … [Read more...]

Sponsored Post: CuteZcute

CuteZCute Review

I have seen the bento box excitement over the last year or two but I have not participated in that...until now...partly. I was approached by CuteZcute to review their product. They said this product was launched just a few months ago. When I went to their website I KNEW my Little Chefs would fall in love with this product immediately and I was right! I have spent more time creating with my youngest two Little Chefs who are not in school. Little Chef D thinks she is a master at making her own designs. She has been the one to teach her sisters and loved every moment of it. Weekends are usually hectic for us, but amazingly this day we were not incredibly busy so we could create. Each Little … [Read more...]

Fantastic Thursday #33

Fantastic Thursday Linky Party

Welcome to Fantastic Thursday! First, let's find out who the lucky winner is for the Family Favorites Cookbook - And the WINNER is - WHITNEY from Five Minutes For Mommy!! Tomorrow we have another fun GIVEAWAY, so be sure to check back! Our Favorite from last week's party is Raspberry Sweet Rolls from I Knead To Bake!! I can't wait to try these with my home grown raspberries! Congrats and be sure to grab a Featured button! Let's get our PARTY on.......and Link up!! Remember our party is now more inclusive, not just recipes! Let's see those fun craft projects! Come back next week to see who will be featured. We will post our favorites to our Featured and Favorites Pinterest board. … [Read more...]

Spicy Fry Sauce. Great to dip or sauce your bun!

Spicy Fry Sauce

Fry Sauce is something we love to make with one of our quick go to meals; hamburgers and homemade steak fries.  This time we thought we could kick up the flavor and add some spice! What is nice about this recipe is that if you want to make the ketchup part and stop there you can. If you want to keep going and make the Spicy Fry Sauce you can do that as well. So, in essence this is two recipes in one! This recipe is easy for any Little Chef to complete. It is quick which means even the smallest with short attention spans can stick to it. First, in a saucepan melt the butter and garlic over medium heat. Let the garlic saute in the butter for a couple minutes. Add in the red pepper … [Read more...]

Butterfly Melted Crayon Art

butterfly melted crayon art

What do you do with all your broken crayon pieces? We make Melted Crayon Art! It seems every time my Little Chefs get out the box of crayons they are not fully picked up and either I step on one and break it in two, or Little Chef H thinks it is fun to break the crayons in two. She thinks she is so strong to be able to do this! I have a hard time throwing them out because I know there HAS to be something I can do with those pieces. Well, we did find one way. This craft does require some adult assistance because the use of an iron is required. Ingredients Broken crayon pieces Grater Wax paper Iron Directions Choose your favorite crayon and take the wrapping off of … [Read more...]

Chocolate Cake Anyone…..?!

Nothing Bundt Cake

Yes please!!! And what recipe do you ask is our favorite chocolate cake recipe?  It is the "Our Version of Nothing Bundt Chocolate Chip Cake" from the cookbook Favorite Family Recipes. It is simply delicious, and simply......simple!! We first added the cake mix, chocolate pudding, sour cream, eggs, water and oil and beat till well combined. My Little Chef B is so proud of himself that he is now able to crack and add the eggs with no help (and no shells)!       We stirred in the chocolate chips, because yes we need more chocolate into this awesome cake. We did find that the mini chocolate chips are the only way to go with this recipe.  We poured the cake mixture into a greased … [Read more...]

Sponsored Post: Glade Expressions

I am a Bzz Agent. I was given the opportunity to try out and review the Glade Expressions® Collection - both the Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist and the Glade Expressions® Oil Diffuser. I really liked the Oil Diffuser because of the look and how long the scent lasted; just over a month. I tried the Lavender & Juniper Berry. The funny thing is Little Chef D and H helped me pick out the scents. Actually they didn't let me choose, they chose! At home they helped me open the package and put it together. The assembly is easy, even a Little Chef can put it together! Just snap one part into another and place it in the holder. Little Chef D chose the place for the Oil Diffuser...on the table … [Read more...]