Fantastic Thursday #30

Welcome to Fantastic Thursday! We have had so much fun kicking off the New Year with so many great giveaways! We will be announcing the winners of the Twist Me Pretty eBooks at next weeks Fantastic Thursday, so be sure to come back to see if you are one of the lucky winners!! And if you have not entered for this fun giveaway, you can do so here – Twist Me Pretty Giveaway! We will also be doing another AWESOME {Read More}

Heart String Theory

Heart String Theory

February 1st is just a few days away. As I have said before my Little Chefs LOVE holidays. This year, starting on February 1st, we are going to make a paper heart garland. For each act of love shown for another family member one heart will be added to our garland. We are excited to see how long our garland will be come February 14th! To get them excited about the idea we all sat down with different colors of {Read More}

How To Teach Kids To Sew On A Button with a Craft

Heart Garland

Today we want to share a Heart Garland that serves as two purposes. 1. Valentine’s Day is coming soon and my Little Chefs LOVE holidays! They love the food, the surprise, and especially love decorating! They find any boxes of decorations I have and decorate themselves. If I do not have enough to make our home or their rooms festive they MAKE their own decorations. They are ALWAYS proud of their own creations. 2. What a better way to teach {Read More}

Balsamic Strawberry Napoleons

Strawberry Balsamic Napoleons from #recipe #strawberry

Here at our house we love balsamic vinegar and we love strawberries! Today’s Balsamic Strawberry Napoleons seemed like a quick dessert idea. With the various components of this dessert it took us longer to make then anticipated.  But we learned some things, if I was making this dessert for a dinner party I would cut the strawberries and make the whipping cream ahead of time.  Little Chef H was really wanting to help with this recipe. I’m pretty sure she {Read More}

Twist me Pretty Review and Giveaway


With our Little Chefs, there are A LOT of little girls running around. Which means A LOT of hair to do.  And with all these Little Chefs keeping us so busy, who even has time to do our OWN hair….. so up in the usual boring pony tail it goes!!! Am I right?! So we came across a super fun blog, Twist Me Pretty! This blog has helped get us out of our pony tail rut…. for us and for our {Read More}

Fantastic Thursday #29

Fantastic Thursday Linky Party

Welcome to Fantastic Thursday! We would first like to announce the WINNER of the Pantry Secrets Basic Starter Kit! CONGRATS to Tonii!!! Everyone be sure to come back tomorrow to find out what our next giveaway will be!

Happy National Pie Day!!!


To help us CELEBRATE one of our favorite desserts…….we would like to share with you one of our favorite pie recipes, our Caramel Apple Pie.  We have been on a long journey to find an Apple Pie recipe that we love., and would pass the approval of Chef Dad who LOVES apple pie.  With a few tweeks of many different recipes we have created one that is our favorite and our Little Chefs enjoy making, sharing and especially eating this {Read More}

Marble Painting

Marble Painting

My Little Chefs LOVE to paint! Whenever we are painting the house inside or out they want to help. Anytime they see their paints they want to do it NOW. I have a love/hate relationship with paint because it can be so messy with little ones! I always seem to have a little one who makes the biggest mess. I have seen people paint with cars or trucks, but at my house those are not common toys. Then I had {Read More}

Danish Puff Chop

Danish Puff Chop

I remember eating Danish Puff Chops when I was young. My Little Chefs enjoy this meal occasionally at family dinner with Grandma and Grandpa, cousins…the whole gang! I have to admit I have never made these myself. We decided to try this but wanted to add in some of our favorite seasonings. The first part is to season your pork chops. You can use bone in or boneless. We chose to use a boneless chop this time. On a parchment {Read More}

Pantry Secrets Review and Giveaway

Finished bread loaves

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh bread cooking in the oven?! Well, my Little Chefs LOVE homemade bread.  But there were a couple of problems. First, we rarely had the couple of hours it took to make the bread.  And second, we could never find a recipe that seemed to work –  too dry, too crumbly, too hard….you get the picture! We came across Pantry Secrets, they graciously sent us the basic starter kit and my chefs and I {Read More}